Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Sacha Girard still escapes the police

On September 19 in Tomorrow belongs to us (7:10 p.m., TF1), the investigation to find Sacha Girard comes up against a new obstacle. Meanwhile the fate of little Mathis is still pending.

In the Monday September 19 episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, the police go to the port to question the dockers and find out if they have seen Sacha Girard (Renaud Roussel), who is hiding under the name of Grégory Lamiel. Seeing the police arrive, a man tries to run away before being quickly caught up and taken to the police station for questioning. After being cooked a little by Martin (Franck Monsigny) and Sara (Camille Genau), he admits that he sold a ticket to Sacha but they communicated remotely by telephone, and therefore he did not know that he was addressing the criminal. When the man recognized Sacha, he asked to pay double what was expected, to cover the risks taken by the smuggler. Only Sacha refused and a fight broke out, following which the man pushed Sacha from the dock, right on the rocks.

In his fall, Sacha broke his ankle and the man hurried away before he could get up. He affirms to Sara and Martin that it was the last time he saw the thug. During this time at the hospital, William (Kamel Belghazi) meets his colleague Philippe, whom he had not seen for several days. The latter came to do X-rays because he would have fallen on his sailboat. When he takes a look at the radios in question a little later, William sees that Philipe suffered many blows to the skull, including one worn with a blunt object. Renaud (Pierre Deny) agrees and tells William to listen to his conscience and that he is ready to cover for him. For his part, Philip returns home and finds his wife on the sofa and, not far away, Sacha Girgard who is holding her at gunpoint… Back at the police station, Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) found no trace of a boarding in the name of Grégory Lamiel from Sète. They conclude that Sasha is still in town and hiding somewhere.

Sasha flees

Knowing he is injured, investigators wonder if he was able to stay three weeks without any care. They therefore ask the question to William, who has just arrived to pick up Aurore (Julie Debazac). Hearing that their fugitive is seriously injured and may have compelled a doctor to help him, William thinks of Philippe and explains to the police that he may be linked to their case. Only when the police arrive at Philippe’s house, they find him tied up with his wife and the doctor tells them that Sacha has fled… For his part, Dan (Charles-Eric Petit) goes to the prosecutor who lists all the accusations what his wife does to him to obtain sole custody of Mathis (Léandre Castellano-Lemoine) while the young boy goes for a medical visit with Benjamin (Alexandre Varga). The doctor realizes that Mathis has a huge mental load and takes care of a lot of things at home while his father, who has two jobs, works. While prosecutor Perraud (Xavier Deluc) is going to confide in this case to his daughter, who advises him to accept the mother’s request, Benjamin talks about it to Alma, to whom he confides that he will be impartial in his report but that it won’t work in Dan’s favor.

Finally, for his part, Timothée finds a normal life with his loved ones. Despite the compliments of his father who found him very courageous, Timothée (Grégoire Champion) is troubled by his capture and in particular by the serious crime he was forced to commit for Valentin (Thibaut Cattelin). According to him, if he had been brave, he would have opposed Valentin. This is why, when Judith (Alice Varela) comes to thank him at the Spoon where he is with his father, Timothée is embarrassed and then repeats to Victor (Farouk Bermouga) that there is nothing heroic about him, and that he just acted in his own interest not to be killed. Later while he is walking with Elsa (Bertille Boros-Turquin), Timothée receives the call froma journalist who asks him to grant him an interview. Elsa finds it hard to understand why her boyfriend refuses, but Timothée repeats that there is nothing heroic about him while the young woman points out the fact that thanks to him, Valentin will no longer attack anyone.

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Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Sacha Girard still escapes the police