Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Valentin confesses his crimes and Georges makes a big discovery

On Friday September 16 in Tomorrow belongs to us (7:10 p.m., TF1), the investigation into the attacks committed by Valentin is coming to an end. But another file will quickly occupy the police of Sète…

In the Friday September 16 episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Nordine intervenes just in time to prevent Valentin from attacking Manon. The two men fight and end up in the swimming pool in front of a distraught Manon. Fortunately Aurore and Martin arrive quickly and can finally stop Valentin. At the police station, Valentin totally denies and minimizes his past faults. Martin ends up showing him a picture of the corpse found in the sewers, but the former legionnaire continues to deny it, just as he denies the accusations made against him regarding the attacks on Elsa and Judith. Lisa ends up asking him about his mother and Martin shows him the face of the body found, pointing out that they know it is his mother.. Later, it is in front of the photos of all his victims that he finds himself since Nordine and Sara have found the USB key on which he hides all his photos.

Valentin explains that he simply downloaded these photos and that the only ones he took himself were those of Manon. Obsessed with the young woman, Valentin is convinced that she is in love with him and that they are going to get back together. He then talks about his mother saying that she called him a pervert and insulted him regularly, and that that’s why he killed her. If this confession will facilitate the investigation, another file becomes complicated when Georges announces to Sara and Martin that Sacha Girard was not in the boat on which he was supposed to be. Martin thinks he organized a fake trip while he was still in Sète. Meanwhile, Audrey offers Mathis to give her father the judge’s summons herself because the young boy does not want to hurt her. Audrey takes the opportunity to discuss with Dan her situation with her son. Aware that he doesn’t see him often, Dan explains that he does what he can and that he doesn’t want to infantilize him, unlike Mathis’ mother.

Camille and Emma continue their bet

Later, Audrey talks to Alma about Mathis’ story and explains that she puts herself in Dan’s shoes and that she too had complicated years with his children. When she goes to fetch Benjamin to go to the restaurant, Alma says a few words to her because she knows that it is he who takes care of Mathis’ file. Finally on their side, Camille and Emma continue their bet to find out which will land a date with Adam first. Dorian gets wind of this famous bet and is obviously not thrilled to learn that his girlfriend got up at dawn to go see Adam when she refuses to do the same thing to go for a boat trip with him. For his part, Adam begins to suspect something, especially after a little discussion with Charlie. In the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us…

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Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Valentin confesses his crimes and Georges makes a big discovery