Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Will Benjamin die?

On Wednesday September 21 in Tomorrow belongs to us (7:10 p.m., TF1), Dan goes on the attack and Sacha Girard is finally arrested.

The episode of Wednesday September 21 of Tomorrow belongs to us starts with the continuation of the car accident of Lisa (Naïma Rodric), taken hostage by Sacha Girard (Renaud Roussel). After crashing into the police roadblock, his car rolls over and Martin (Franck Monsigny) manages to pull him out while Sacha gets out of the car on the other side. He was quickly arrested and then transported to the police station., where Martin tells her that a van is coming to take her to jail. When Sacha provokes the commander by saying that he should have killed him, Martin explains that it was out of the question for him to give him this pleasure… The commander then visits Lisa at the hospital. and confirms the suspicions that he is clearly attached to the IGPN inspector, but his visit is interrupted by the arrival of Amel, the little sister of the injured.

Meanwhile at the police station, the dumbfounded team watches prosecutor Perraud (Xavier Deluc) pat himself on the back for the arrest of Sacha Girard, but Martin reminds them that he is proud of them and that they can to be too. Elsewhere in Sète, Tristan (Mathieu Alexandre) calls Juliette (Mathilde Lebrequier) to tell her the news. He then shares his concerns about Gaspard (Mogamed Bechiev) with Alex (Alexandre Brasseur) and Sylvain (Arnaud Henriet), who try somehow to comfort him. For her part, Audrey (Charlotte Gaccio) and Léo (Paco Blanco) pick up Mathis (Léandre Castellano-Lemoine) from Dan (Charles-Eric Petit) to go to school. While the parents are talking, the two boys find a metal box in the garage, in which there is a weapon… They are on the verge of taking it in hand when Dan calls them to leave. The father of the family then returns to see Benjamin (Alexandre Varga) at the hospital to apologize and leaves reassured after the doctor assures him that he does not intend to file a complaint. Only a short time later, Dan is again summoned to the police station where Sara (Camille Genau) explains to him that a complaint has indeed been filed against him.

Benjamin gets shot

Furious, Dan insults Benjamin explaining that he had promised to drop this story, but Sara clarifies that it is the decision of the board of directors and that the pediatrician could not help it. At the end of the day, Benjamin gets in his car to go home. As he prepares to drive off and pull out of the parking lot, he gets shot in the chest and collapses. Finally at the farmhouse, Judith (Alice Varela) still resents Alex for having hired Emma (Luna Lou) without consulting her first. So that the two young women can get to know each other, Alex gives his afternoon to Jordan (Maxime Lélue) without telling Judith about it and suggests that his daughter ask Emma for help with the deliveries. As Alex had expected, Judith and Emma end up breaking the ice despite some reluctance from Judith at first.

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Tomorrow belongs to us (spoilers): Will Benjamin die?