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Despite his reputation as one of the darkest hearts of all the Decepticons, Megatron can’t compare to Steeljaw when it comes to sheer malevolence.

Though he’s been the face of mecha-evil for nearly as long as the Transformers franchise has been around, the evil psychopath Megatron isn’t the most depraved “robot in disguise.” This title belongs to Steeljaw.

From the very first issue of Marvel’s The Transformers (1984), Megatron was referred to as an “alpha villain” or, as Ralph Macchio and Frank Springer’s series of issues describe it, he was the “serpent” in heaven who lives for the war, conflict and chaos. in general, and the destruction of the peace-loving Autobots in particular. Over the years, as the Transformers franchise has grown and expanded, Megatron has indeed lived up to his reputation. Certainly, from Nemesis Prime to Trypticon, Megatronus Prime to Overlord, while the franchise has seen its share of powerful and deadly villains, none have matched the brutal, sadistic, and psychopathic Megatron became after his betrayal of Orion Pax. and Sentinel Prime.

Despite his viciousness, when it comes to pure, abject hatred and malevolent manipulation, not even Megatron can match Steeljaw’s evil nature. What makes Steeljaw worse than Megatron is that he’s not just evil, he’s selfish. In other words, the goal of his evil is only to satisfy his own desires. He has no respect, care or concern for anyone whose desires do not match his own. The problem is, with Steeljaw’s exceptional long-range planning skills, hardly anyone will have the same goals as him. This was made abundantly clear in Nick Roche and EJ Su’s four-part miniseries Transformers: Last Bot Standing, where Steeljaw’s personality is revealed in detail as the leader of a ragtag group of Cybertronian survivors exploring the outer reaches. of the galaxy looking for a suitable place. settle.

Steeljaw’s theory of obedience: resistance is fatal

As readers learn in Last Bot Standing, Steeljaw and his sister Sharpclaw not only survived the Great War, but after the end of hostilities were also able to find and team up with a number of former Autobots and Decepticons who had reformatted their bodies to process organics rather than Energon. Surprisingly, the most abundant source of organic matter in the universe appears to be human beings. With the survival of the Cybertronian race being his primary goal, Steeljaw develops a two-step strategy. First, identify planets with an abundant source of organic food. Second, invade and plunder identified planets to produce “biofuel” for his team’s consumption. Once the plan is hatched, Steeljaw refuses to allow anyone to deviate from his demands. Indeed, when Rodimus tries to stop his plans, Steeljaw beats him to a pulp and leaves him for dead. More radically, when his sister refuses to give in to his order, he kills her on the spot.

Perhaps the most notable example of Steelclaw’s depravity is demonstrated in his response to learning that Rodimus destroyed his team’s ability to convert organic matter into biofuel. This is an outcome that guarantees their eventual demise. Rather than accept his fate, Steeljaw decides if he will die, he will take everyone on the planet with him. If placed in a similar position, while Megatron might have tried to consume as many “raw” humans as possible, but there is little evidence that he would have ordered the total annihilation of the population of the planet.

Transformers: Last Bot Standing is available from IDW Publishing.

Transformers’ Last Decepticon Leader Is A Bigger Monster Than Megatron | Pretty Reel