Trial of the dismemberers in Rouen. Saw, sledgehammer, axe… The horrific tale of the assassination

Thursday, November 17, 2022, the Seine-Maritime Assize Court took the time to hear the victim’s concubine explain the death and butchering of Sliman Amara. Chilling.

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Today, I realize, even if it’s hard to take it in the face. I regret a lot, I feel very guilty”recognizes the accused, in tears. Celine Vasselin mumbles in passing the first name of his son, those of “Sliman and Jessica. It’s so horrible what happened, I hurt a lot, I’m ashamed. »

For the psychologist who met her two months later the assassination of her partnerand although it refers to the dexter-seriesCeline Vasselin “is not a psychopath”. However, she organized “so as not to be arrested. She had met Prince Charming, but the couple’s relationship had become pathological. The enigma of this case is: what led him to take action? »

“We were doing each other favours”

Thursday, November 17, 2022, while his long trial and that of Jessica Adam will last until Saturday November 19, 2022, the Assize Court and the ever-increasing public are getting the start of a response.

“Jessica was a client and in the end, we were doing each other favors. I didn’t ask him anything.”sobs the mother who had already tried, alone and twice, to kill her companion.

Céline Vasselin cries hot tears, sometimes like a child. Immediately, she recovers. His speech does not then suffer from any tremor. Then she drowns again in her emotions. Especially when she talks about a suicide attempt in the car because she couldn’t stand the violence anymore, “including sexual”, by Sliman Amara; or his coming out: “I am in a relationship with my fellow prisoner (imprisoned for having killed a man, Editor’s note), she saved my life because detention is so difficult. »

“The meat grinder is an idea of ​​the two of us”

“The meat grinder is an idea of ​​Jessica and me. Once he was dead, I did things mechanically. But it’s not clear in my memory, I don’t even remember insulting him when I was on top of him. » While Sliman Amara passed away.

“Three months of preparation”reminds him of the president of the court, Nathalie Gavarino. “I was in survival mode

», responds the accused.

Photos of the reconstruction are projected on three large screens. Charlotte, mask and glasses, white jumpsuit and overshoes: Jessica Adam places the imposing butcher’s sheet on the victim’s throat. Céline Vasselin, she is in street clothes when she suffocates him before his accomplice cuts his throat.

“I didn’t know he was on file with the police”

Her turn to put on a wetsuit. They then place Sliman Amara in a tarpaulin, lower him into the cellar to dismember him with a saw, a mallet, an ax and a ceramic knife from the kitchen. But also to spray his face with acid.

Then comes the division of the pieces of the corpse. The two accused look at them and lower their heads. No reaction.

Céline Vasselin, in a drawling voice, continues her story. “He shouted, he said my nameremembers the defendant. We had a hard time tearing it apart. We cut off his leg because I knew he had a numbered pin. But I did not know that he was on file with the police. »

The court does not dwell on the macabre journey, when Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam will scatter the members of the father of the family the evening of the crime and the next day: “I didn’t even think of being arrested. »

“Céline called Sliman the ‘devil'”

“Céline called Sliman “the devil”. She had been given a cell phone in case she felt in dangerensures Isabel Carrie. Third defendant and confidant, she is prosecuted for not having prevented the assassination. Céline told me: “It’s him or me.” » And not just once…

The day after the dismembermentconfirms the 50-year-old, “We had lunch together at the restaurant. On leaving, Céline confessed to having cut off her head, I couldn’t believe it. This little piece of woman, so sweet. How I regret not having believed her. We wouldn’t be there…”

Video. At the heart of a trying trial:

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Trial of the dismemberers in Rouen. Saw, sledgehammer, axe… The horrific tale of the assassination