Valdepeñas begins a signature campaign so that the murderer of Castellón Joaquín Ferrándiz does not return

Residents of Valdepeñas, concerned about the presence of Joaquin Ferrandiz Ventura –the murderer of five women in Castellon— in his town, during his recent first prison releases, they have started a campaign to collect signatures with the aim of preventing him from returning to the town –a veto, however, that they are unable to achieve, since there is no measure court or police in this regard.

The action of the residents of this Manchego municipality of 30,000 inhabitants seems to respond, rather, to a measure of pressure so that the JFV himself decides not to return due to the feeling of rejection, as well as so that the Prolibertas Foundation, which welcomed and protected him in those days, do not make this offer again. It should be remembered that the entity issued a statement this Wednesday in which it stressed that it had been a “very punctual” stay and that the future participation of the person convicted of five crimes in the social project was not foreseen.

«Permits are an instrument collected in the treatment of penitentiary centers and are endorsed by the penitentiary supervision judge. In our case, we collaborate with the prisons to be able to carry out permits for people who do not have a favorable family or social support network and under the conditions established by prison surveillance”, the group wanted to point out.

Civil Guard patrols in the area where the body of Sonia Rubio, the first victim of JFV, appeared. MEDITERRANEAN

From Prolibertas, they insist that these permits are carried out “in a supervised manner and with technical support aimed at re-education and social reintegration.” For the organization, it is “an opportunity to confront the reality of society, the effort for the reintegration of the person deprived of liberty and the worked of the treatment teams of the penitentiary centers and the collaborating social entities”.

However, despite the words of the foundation, concern is a fact among the residents of Valdepeñas. «Serial murderers and rapists do not reintegrate. Jail is their place”, “we are not sure of leaving our children alone on the street”, “a psychopath never changes, he only deceives. He fears that he will kill again »or« we are not sure if we can leave our children alone on the street » are just some of the hundreds of comments that the neighbors have made.

a viral news

The news published by Mediterranean They have not only gone viral in Castellón, the province where Ferrándiz consumeor all his crimes; but have been disseminated through the groups of Facebook Y WhatsApp from Valdepenas.

Neighbors have even taken one of the photographs of the femicide and passed it through the filter of an application that artificially ages the subject to obtain a possible image of what his physical appearance would be today.

The Plaza Mayor in Castelló, full of people to say goodbye to Sonia Rubio at her funeral, in December 1995. MEDITERRANEAN

JFV has spent almost 25 years in prison and that the existing images of him date from when he was 35. Although, according to sources consulted, the strangler of women takes care of his physical appearance and is well preserved, at the moment he is a man of almost 60, so the physical change will be evident .

Valdepeñas begins a signature campaign so that the murderer of Castellón Joaquín Ferrándiz does not return