Victor Entrialgo: “Coup undercover”

C.ith the Transition, which cost us so much blood, sweat and tears, we believed we had overcome, for a long time, the Spanish tradition of uprisings against the constitutional order and popular sovereignty.

But when five years had not yet passed, on October 27, 2017, a group of Catalan separatists launched a new coup, proclaiming a republic within a constitutional Monarchy.

Today, five years later, we are witnessing, this time from within the Nation’s own government, a covert coup d’état, which not only constitutes a manifest fraud of the law, but also blows up the constitutional order, depriving the people of the “essential legal weapons” to repel the attacks against him and the attacks on the sovereignty of the Spanish people.

Sanchez, to get power first and keep it later, handed over things that were not his. The most important of them, Sovereignty. He tramples on it one day and another, which apart from the opprobrium for life will force him to render an account sooner or later since it is unquestionable that “sovereignty resides in the Spanish people from whom emanate, not one, but “all” the powers of the State . But it is equally unquestionable that this sovereignty ceases to reside in the people, if the Nation’s government, a mere servant of the former, through fraud of the law, deprives the sovereign of supreme power, of which that of power is an indissoluble part. defend itself to guarantee its existence as a Nation, and as a State.

The content of democracy does not lie in the fact that the people constitute the historical and ideal source of power, but in that they have power. Not that it has the constituent power, but that the constituted powers also correspond to it. Not that the knot has sovereignty, which is practically nothing, but the exercise of sovereignty, which is practically everything».

It is not an excuse that the crime of rebellion continues, because without weapons, anyone can carry out any violence before a defenseless sovereign, as has already been proven. “It was not going to happen, it was not going to happen,” said Santamaría and Rajoy. But it happened. And they took the challenge to the end even though the coup leaders came out like Cagancho in Almagro, without facing the consequences of their actions and their emboldening as cowards.

It is time, then, for the people to exercise and defend their sovereignty and for independent judges to examine whether the Nation’s government has flagrantly overreached itself, appropriating attributes that are part of the essence of sovereignty, thus preventing its exercise.

Because, due to the wide field of his arrogant ambition, in order to continue in power, Sanchez has turned the country upside down and the world upside down, allowing the seditious to repeal the sedition and the embezzlers the embezzlement, putting an end to sovereignty, preventing the effective protection of constitutional rights and causing the most absolute defenselessness. This is the minefield that Sanchez intends to leave for when he loses the elections.

First they pressured the Sentencing Court so that the qualification was not that of the investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office and even the initial of the president himself, crime of rebellion.

After leaving him in sedition, the pardons of the separatists and the transfers of the terrorists arrived, “another continuous blow” that in the Basque Country will be revived soon, when it suits those who collect the nuts of terrorism, while passing off as I unblock the attempt to continue manipulating the CGPJ and the Constitutional Court.

Along the way they tied up the Crown, first forcing the abdication and then “the banishment without condemnation” of King Juan Carlos I and later of the very institution that King Felipe VI embodies from his impeccable speech in defense of unity and the Constitution.

In the same way that the seditious cannot be the ones to reform their crime, a president allied with bandits cannot eliminate the crime of robbery or the embezzlement of public funds, so that they obtain any loot or privilege, such as not going to prison, nor can the sovereignty of the people be proclaimed by emptying it of content with the sole objective of remaining in power.

For this, Sanchez dispossesses the sovereign people of the defense weapons of the State, leaving them defenseless against pirates, seditious or rebels. And for this he agrees, not with the legislative power, but with the rebels and condemned themselves, only with the aim of retaining power, contravening the unequivocal wishes of the sovereign people.

Only an ignoramus, a cynic or a maneuvering psychopath, can not see that this is precisely what has been repeated throughout our history. Coup, once again by Psoe and Republican Left. This already happened. It is the ominous history of Spain that the government maliciously wants to revive, raising graves and rekindling, unspeakably, old forgotten hatreds.

This is a new provocation by Sanchez. Faced with the black electoral polls, he seeks, with his continuous provocations, a strong reaction, which gives him arguments to continue in power. Arguments that he does not find in his calamitous, ridiculous, absurd, inept and pathetic management that no one in their right mind can consider in accordance with the general interests and the will of the sovereign people. He is reproducing exactly the acts that led to a civil confrontation. And what’s worse, he’s doing it on purpose. That can only be done by a psychopath.

They are emptying the State, usurping the sovereignty of the people, looting the funds and destroying the Nation. And on top of that, repealing the criminal offenses provided precisely for the abuses committed or to be committed.
If this isn’t a covert coup, I’m Catherine of Prussia! Ahh it’s true, now you can be whatever you want!

Sanchez, in order to get and maintain power, handed over things that were not his. The most important of them, Sovereignty. We are now witnessing a covert coup. What is the Nation waiting for?

Victor Entrialgo

Victor Entrialgo: “Coup undercover” – Digital Journalist