Season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla arrives on Netflix this Thursday, January 12, less than a year after the broadcast of the first episodes of this spin-off of the adventures of Ragnar. To best appreciate this new burst of unreleased episodes, SFR News recaps the key events that occurred during the first season.

Set 100 years after the original series vikingsits spin-off Vikings: Valhalla plunges us into an England where the Nordic people are now permanently settled and where the exploits of Ragnar Lodbrok now belong to legend. But the apparent calm of the situation is about to be upset by a massacre, and the fury and the flames will soon make their comeback…

A start steeped in blood and revenge for Vikings: Valhalla

Shortly after the departure of the Viking Harald Sigurdson for Norway, the British king Æthelred II, seeing in the Nordic community a threat to England, ordered the massacre of the Scandinavian people during the night of Saint-Brice. Sten, Harald’s brother, is killed during this night of horror. The news of the massacre does not take long to reach the ears of Harald, who, supported by King Canute the Great, promises revenge. We discover in parallel another quest for revenge: that of Leif Erikson and his sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir, who seek to get their hands on the Viking who raped Freydís. The latter finds her attacker and kills him, but following this murder, Freydís risks the death penalty. To erase his debt, his brother Leif decides to join the ranks of the Viking warriors who are preparing to attack London. Meanwhile, Æthelred II dies, leaving Queen Emma of Normandy and their son, Prince Edmund, to face the Vikings’ thirst for revenge.

The king is dead and war is declared

Quickly, the main characters learn of the death of Æthelred II. And this news is not enough to make Harald want revenge. He decides that to get justice for the death of his brother Sten, he will have to kill the new King Edmund. A newly crowned ruler whose mother, Emma, ​​fears that lack of experience could spell the doom of England.

In Uppsala, a wandering warrior attacks Freydís, who stands firm and kills him. When Kare, a dangerous psychopath, finds the body of the man the young woman has just killed in self-defence, he decides to go after him. In England, the battle begins. After King Edmund gets drawn into a trap devised by Leif, King Canute wins the battle.

Hold your hand, my sweet prince

As Harald is about to kill King Edmund and seek justice for his brother’s death, King Canute stops him. This one indeed prefers to form an alliance with King Edmund to reign over England. Meanwhile, Olaf, Harald’s brother who aspires to be king, kidnaps Emma and her children and threatens to kill them unless she reveals to him where her late husband’s gold is hidden. But King Canute saves Emma and her children from Olaf’s clutches. The Viking ruler and Emma of Normandy fall into each other’s arms and sleep together.

For his part, Harald discovers that Olaf has a hidden 12-year-old son, while Freydís meets Seer who tells him that she would be “the last”. During the festivities following the battle, King Canute gives a toast and declares that Leif and Freydís’ debts are erased. And to end the banquet in style, King Canute announces that Streona is a traitor and cuts off his head. This is called a successful Viking party.

And tenderness…?

King Canute and Emma marry while Harald and Freydís declare their love for each other. The father of King Canute, Sven with the Forked Beard, takes the place of his son who must leave to fight a war in Denmark. Edmund tries to seize the throne, without success. Kare sends a message to Freydís and tells her that he will kill her no matter what. Soon after, Edmund has a riding accident and is stabbed to death while on the ground. Harald and Olaf, who were cold, make peace. But Leif and Freydís do not appreciate this rapprochement between the two brothers and turn their backs on Harald. After that Kare launches his assault and his archers wound Haakan, a friend of Freydís who, after saving her, comes face to face with Kare. The warrior confronts him, takes over, and cuts off his head.

As the first season draws to a close, Emma regains the throne of England and Olaf becomes king of Norway. But the king has no time to celebrate, as King Sweyn’s army attacks. Reckless, Olaf’s men flee, terrified, and he decides to accompany them. As the invaders attempt to rape women, Leif kills them one after another. The season ends with a shot of Leif bathed in the blood of his enemies. For her part, her sister Freydís is on the run with Harald.

What does the rest of the adventure have in store for us? What will happen to Leif, Harald and Freydís? We can discover it now on Netflix, and one thing is certain: it will bleed!

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Vikings – Valhalla: the recap of season 1