We want justice and maximum punishment!: relatives protest Claudia’s femicide

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“She went to work to pay for school and give insurance to her mother because she was sick,” this was revealed by relatives of Claudia Torres Mendezwho was murdered on November 30 just two blocks from her home.

This Saturday the second hearing was held against Israel N.18 years old, who is designated as the alleged responsible of femicide of the worker of Walmart.

Outside the courts of Lerma, the collective feminists joined in unison: we want Justice!, maximum penalty!

The pain of having lost Claudia at the hands of gender violence led her family to break the silence, to demand a life sentence for the subject who took her life.

The femicide

On November 30, Claudia left work, she usually took a taxi to get home, but that day, she decided to walk home with one of her colleagues. she worked in the store Walmart.

“I knew him from one day to the next, I had just met him there because he also worked in this store, what he did to her is a sign of a psychopath because he did hurt her a lot,” said Jesús Méndez, the 19-year-old’s uncle. years.

Claudia was studying TSU in Paramedic, at the Universidad Tecnológica Del Valle de Toluca, she did it by vocation, her dream was to save lives but hers was taken away.

At 06:00 on December 1, his relatives decided to report the disappearance to the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico. Despite the fact that search teams were organized among her loved ones, both in the municipality of Lerma and in Toluca, there were no traces of the young woman.

They also detailed that after the subject was identified, he was detained by FGJEM agents and confessed where he had left the body.

Around 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 1, Claudia’s body was located in a vacant lot on Vicente Guerrero street in the El Panteón neighborhood, municipality of Lerma.

Experts from the Mexican Attorney General’s Office carried out the removal of the body and transferred it to the facilities of the Coordination of Expert Services to carry out the legal necropsy.

“Today is going to be the hearing, the public ministries are going to present evidence against this individual, to present evidence that they found at the scene. They are going to make a chronology of what actually happened to present to the court and be able to determine the femicide as such, as it arose”, added the relatives.

Despite the fact that the first versions indicated that the subject would have confessed before the judge, the reality is that he has not pleaded guilty; however, the requirement is that he be granted a life sentence.

It is worth mentioning that the chain Walmart He only positioned himself to regret “the death of his associate” but has not made statements about the alleged femicide He also worked for the transnational.

“We will continue to collaborate closely with the corresponding authorities to clarify and exercise the Justice in the case”, was published on their social networks.

We want justice and maximum punishment!: relatives protest Claudia’s femicide