Wednesday: Netizens warn against romanticizing Merlina Addams’ personality

wednesday Netflix has put ‘The Addams Family’ back on the map (although they really have always been on everyone’s mind as one of pop culture’s favorite families). Jenna Ortegawho trained hard to charm with her own version of the character has become an audience favorite.

Merlina’s character has been adapted multiple times, including animated versions. Her flamboyant and dark personality made her a gothic icon and one of many women’s favorite Halloween costumes.

However, even when she has come to teach important empowering lessons such as staying authentic regardless of external pressure, some netizens have shown genuine concern over the obsession with her personality.

Thousands of girls (and guys) can be seen on TikTok imitating her iconic dance from episode 4 and also saying they can relate to how cold and “weird” she can be and how lonely she can be in a world of extroverts.

Wednesday Addams he is the sensible brain of the family. Reserved and methodical, Wednesday has shown that her preference for solitude does not stop pursuing her passions and intrigues. Her reputation for being unsympathetic is often challenged by the relationships she establishes along the way, pushing her into a corner where she cautiously expresses her emotions.

While she is often calm and practical, Wednesday also confronts her callousness and stubbornness. Even so, audiences can appreciate how quickly you’ll own up to your mistakes and your general composure.

Wednesday is available on Netflix

In the 1960s, the little Lisa Loring was the first Merlina in the 1964 series, The Addams Family. Back then she was portrayed as a 6 year old girl, restless and curious who made everyone revolve around her with her charm. Despite her young age, she always showed great ingenuity and maturity, which of course was above other girls her age.

In the 90s, christina ricci She was in charge of bringing the character to life, showing a more adolescent and perhaps dark but equally charming side. It was she who made Merlina Addams a pop culture staple.

But if we remember correctly, the character has always been fond of cutting off the heads of her dolls, even if she sees it as “child’s play”.

His father also gives him guillotines and axes, as well as swords and bear traps. Nor is it very applausible that in the first episode we see her fill the water polo team’s pool with piranhas, which although she did it to defend her brother Pericles, it caused her great satisfaction to know the pain it caused.

Charles Addams created an irreverent family like The Addams based on your experiences in the town of Westfield, New Jersey, where he grew up.

He was never a child like the others since from a young age he showed a very ironic sense of humor besides that he had strange hobbies like stroll through the local cemetery and draw abandoned or neglected buildings.

His cartoons became a satire of everyday American life which was published in The New Yorker.

Wednesday: Netizens warn against romanticizing Merlina Addams’ personality