What are the 4 personality traits common to all psychopaths?

Have you ever wondered if the person you just met could be a psychopath? It may seem strange, but it seems that certain personality traits are common to them.

These are, in any case, the conclusions of a neuroscientist with fifteen years of research on the brain under his belt. Abigail Marshprofessor of psychology and neuroscientist at Georgetown University explained during a seminar that the origin of psychopathy is linked to brain development.

Some may think that one becomes a psychopath after a childhood trauma, for example… However, the professor explains that this would be anchored in our brain, psychopathy would therefore be innate. We detail here 4 traits common to psychopaths.

Lack of remorse or pity

These first two traits are found in all known psychopaths; this is reflected in a person who has not committed a criminal act by an absence of compassion when a loved one is sad or afraid. The brain of a psychopath could not understand this emotion since he is unable to feel it himself.

Also according to the scientist, people with psychopathy feel no pity for others. Thus, when a child with psychopathy hurts another child, he would not feel no form of compassion for his victim. Whether on the mental or physical level for that matter… If we go to the end of this theory, it therefore implies that narcissistic or stalker perverts would be psychopaths, and that they would therefore not feel any sense of remorse when they methodically harass and destroy their “prey”.

They don’t understand the love of others

In this presentation, the professor explains that psychopaths are devoid of feelings vis-à-vis love. Concretely, they would not feel “love” as a “sane” person. Professor Marsh believes that a teenager who says he loves no one, neither his family nor his friends, could later turn out to be a psychopath. People with this type of pathology would in fact see their loved ones as allies or partners, but who would be inferior to them. This is notably the case of “gurus”, who tend to gain the upper hand over a type of person: their targets are often people who are sometimes in deep doubt and ask themselves existential questions; the “gurus” are generally endowed with a very high emotional intelligence, which allows them to propose adequate answers according to the profile they have in front of them. Their goal is not to show altruism, but to profit from it.

insensitivity to pain

Psychopaths are unaware of the physical or emotional hurt, and since they don’t feel it, they have less difficulty inflicting it on others. The professor explains that threatening a psychopath with ending his life in prison will make him neither hot nor cold, since he is not “afraid” to go there! Whether physical or emotional threats, the psychopath will continue to act as he sees fit. because he doesn’t feel fear. (You just have to observe your loved ones to detect possible character traits of psychopaths)

A few famous psychopaths to finish?

You probably know them all, they are still today the subject of reports on specialized channels which talk about crimes and miscellaneous facts. At the top of the ranking, we obviously find Adolf Hitler, who killed or rather had millions of people killed. No need to paint a portrait of the German dictator who sowed death during the Second World War.

Charles Manson is one of America’s greatest psychopaths. but also a guru who led his admirers to commit barbaric acts. He is best known for having killed and disembowelled Sharon Tate, the partner of Roman Polanski, then pregnant. He and his followers were sentenced to death at the relevant time, but ultimately spent the rest of their lives in prison after theabolition of capital punishment in California.

More recently, we have between France and Belgium, a certain Michel Fourniret, who died in May 2021, in prison. We can also add his wife Monique Ollivier, responsible for some of their disastrous work! We know that he killed at least 12 people, but he could be implicated in other Cold Case or unsolved cases. If you want to know more about famous psychopaths, we recommend the book Assassins! A reading to avoid in the evening before turning off the light! This gift under the tree is nice, isn’t it?

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What are the 4 personality traits common to all psychopaths?