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The Penguins and Lemurs of Madagascar and the sequel, well, the only individuals with personality from those movies, currently live at the Central Park Zoo and star in the series The Penguins of Madagascar. The penguins go about their business, living the life of commandos, capable of defeating an evil genius today, as they might recapture a child’s red balloon tomorrow. The permissions are much more established than in the movies. Skipper is the boss, the most macho of all, he dreams of bombs and rockets, a paranoid penguin who sees opponents in each and every trash can. Private is the much younger one and the one with a head full of rainbows and unicorns, though he’s no less capable than his peers (he also talks with a British accent). Rico… well, I don’t know what Rico is: but he has the ability to spit anything, even sticks of dynamite (with the fuse now lit… cool look). And finally, Kowalski, the scientist of the group, the one who today transfers brains, tomorrow builds a time machine and always dreams of having an even bigger coconut.

It is Kowalski who often runs the chapters defending science and its validity. His inventions tend to fail in the most unexpected ways, but this is the rule on our planet. His inclination is to come up with fantastically complex war projects and then, when someone shows a considerably easier alternative, he protests that the other alternative is rather “simple.” According to the stereotype, he is not emotionally strong despite being in love with a dolphin. His inventions can fail, but his ideas also tend to work and solve a problem (like the outcome of the “Gadget Crisis”). He sometimes puts his teammates at risk, but on many other occasions he is the ultimate savior. And on more than one occasion we must make it clear that if a project has horrible sequels it is because it lacks the character of some other character (I look at you, King Julien).

The Penguins of Madagascar

Technical sheet Original title: The Penguins of Madagascar Direction: Simon J. Smith and Eric Darnell Script: Michael Colton, John Abud (Individuals: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath) Music: Lorne Balfe Photography: Animation Cast: Animation (Tom McGrath, Chris Miller , Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon, John Malkovich Year: 2014 Duration: 92 min Country: USA Producer: DreamWorks Animation

Primates shown in Penguins of Madagascar

4 aquatic spies, who tend to bother much more than assist, are assisted by King Julen and his servants. King Julen is a very self-centered and lazy ring-tailed lemur who doesn’t know how to do things on his own.

Ring-tailed lemurs are known for being the most territorial of the lemur group, spending much more time lounging on the ground than in the trees. King Julen in the series.


If you need a gun or an explosion call Rico, he’s a gadget psycho.

Kowalski is there to develop a good strategy, he is also second in command.

How do penguins protect themselves from predators?

To protect themselves from killer whales, penguins use their agility and their legs. Since they are small and adept with their fins, they are able to swim very fast, which allows them to get around them, so despite their agility, they are not able to turn around as quickly.

Pisces can represent multiple defense systems such as: color (enigmatic, disruptive, observation); enigmatic forms; the existence of electrical organs; poison glands; spiny rays or ridges; hide in caves, fissures, elements or dig; sociability; bioluminescence; and so on.

What Are The Penguins Of Madagascar Called – Relax Type