What does the 2015 literary season have in store for us?

We barely had time to finish the masterpieces of 2014 when those of 2015 are already on the horizon… A busy literary season, with 469 books scheduled. Which ones will catch your attention?

A remarkable comeback

If you didn’t know it yet, on January 7, Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel is officially released by Flammarion editions. Pirate and available for illegal downloading for about ten days, the author had nevertheless surrounded the release of his opus with a great mystery: we have recently known the title ” Submission », and also a certain amount of information concerning the content. In this political-fiction, the author of Particles elementary », one of the most widely read French writers abroadpaints the portrait of a France led by a Muslim party in 2022. The title refers to the translation of the word “Islam” which means allegiance to God, largely announcing a controversy already underway.“The Map and the Territory” published in 2010, received the Prix Goncourt; he also published in 2012 a collection of poetry, “Last Shore Configuration”, whose texts have recently been set to music by Jean-Louis Aubert. Apart from his few film appearances, you can discover the novelist’s photographic work, exhibited until January 31, 2015 at the Pavillon Carré de Baudoin in Paris; “Before Landing”.

A little fancy?

Maxim Chattam also releases his latest opus on January 8 Thy will be done » at Albin Michel. This will be his twentieth novel, over a period of ten years. He paints the portrait of Jon Peterson, a psychopathic pervert, from his childhood to the culmination of his sinister criminal career. After establishing himself as one of the masters of French thriller, Maxime Chattam distinguished himself in fantasy with the same success. Its popularity undoubtedly motivates an accelerated writing: is also expected for the second half of the year, volume 7 of the second cycle of its literary saga, Other world “. With nearly 400,000 copies sold, this series of books, which have already been translated into ten languages, has won over young adult audiences.

with my body

Au Diable Vauvert will publish Nikki Gemmell’s latest novel on January 22, with my body », the story of a married woman and mother who looks back on her rich love life in order to get out of the boredom in which a pleasant and comfortable life has plunged her. Warmly acclaimed by international critics, his work has been translated into fifteen languages. It addresses its readers in the form of 225 “lessons”. At a time manifesto on behalf of women around the worldand story of sexual and sensual awakening, with my body » echoes the erotic texts of Colette or Duras, but also recalls the famous “50 Shades of Grey”. Attention, bestseller in sight.

« Lesson 46

As for “every man for himself”, the fact of not being able to invite Miss X. to a party for fear that she would meet Mrs. Y. there or the possibility that they find themselves there despite everything and that behind their smiles, their courtesies, you can see their hairs stand on end, like two cats meeting for the first time at the door of a living room, I say that these are the most lamentable effects in the world on the women. »

The long-awaited return

On February 5, the last novel will be released. dark by Stephen King published by Albin Michel, entitled ” Mr Mercedes ». The story is as follows: a retired detective receives a letter from the “Mercedes killer”, one of his unsolved cases before his retirement. A case in which a person stole a Mercedes and threw it into a crowd, causing carnage. Taunted by the killer, the retired detective will use his free time for the benefit of his hunt. Published on June 3, 2014 by Hodder & Stoughton, the latest Stephen King went directly to the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List. The “Master of Horror” has also just announced the publication of a new collection of short stories for November 30, 2015: The bazaar of bad dreams » (“ The Bazaar of Bad Dreams », in French). We can therefore hope for it in France for 2016 at the earliest…

literary cinema

Finally for all film lovers, know that Emir Kusturica publishes in January at JC Lattès editions stranger in marriage, a collection of six short stories full of fantasy and fabulous portraits. We find there the typical universe of the director of ” arizona dream », where imagination and darkness always come together in what he calls a “magical realism”. Borrowing from the memories of the author, deeply marked by the events of his country, this collection reveals slices of life of colorful characters, sometimes bur
sometimes tragic. Kusturica is one of the rare filmmakers to have obtained two gold palms in Cannes thanks to ” Dad is on a business trip” and ” Underground ». He published his autobiography with Lattès in 2011, translated in many countries.

And this is only the beginning of the year! To be continued…

What does the 2015 literary season have in store for us? – just focus