What to see from October 28

We are practically at Halloween and perhaps more than one will go to a party in disguise to have a good time with friends. But until night falls there is time, one that you can take advantage of to go buy that costume that you are missing or to rest and see some of the weekend premieres of the VOD platforms from October 28 to 30.

War movie lovers and those who like to see the ‘based on a true story’ poster are lucky enough to see No news on the front. This story narrates the perspective of Erich Maria Remarque, who after the First World War decided to write a book about his experiences on the Western Front. It is one of the many adaptations of his work in which he recounts the experience of young people who are forced to fight in a war conflict.

And with Halloween on top we can’t deny you a bit of terror. On Netflix we find a documentary called My Encounter with Evil. The most skeptical may be reluctant to think about the presence of a world beyond the earthly, but the truth is that for others it is a reality. This documentary narrates the cases of three Mexican women who tell their testimony after their possession and exorcism. It has real testimonies, those of their closest people and a dramatization part that makes following their stories more enjoyable.

If we go to HBO Max, one of the series that we talked about at the beginning of the week finally arrives. We talk about GARCIA! starring Curro Ortiz and Veki Velilla, with Emilio Gutiérrez-Caba, Francisco Reyes, Daniel Freire, Silvia Abascal and Lola Herrera in the cast. As far as plot is concerned, García is the closest thing to the Spanish Captain America. And it is that García is a supersoldier awakened after six decades by Antonia, who will also persecute when they are involved in a conspiracy

For the part of Amazon Prime video we have Run Sweetheart Run and The Devil’s Hour. The first one follows the style of this fashion for psychopaths and serial killers with mental problems. In it we will see how bad a blind date can go when your suitor turns out to be that, a psychopath from whom our protagonist must flee.

The second is a series of six chapters in which Lucy always wakes up at the same time: 3:33 in the morning, known as the hour of the devil. During her rest she will only have terrible visions, but everything goes beyond nightmares, since really strange things will happen in her house and in her family.

If you are a fan of Star Wars you can not miss The Jedi Chronicles. There are no less than six chapters in which Disney+ brings us part of the story of two different but much-loved characters in the saga, such as Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

Nor do we leave without reminding you of the arrival of The mysterious Benedict society also to Disney +. Here they bring us a story in which some children are in charge of looking for two of the most important members of the secret Benedict Society. During their journey they will have to face new adversaries. and to the plans of Dr. Cortina.


October 28

Big Mouth

The bastard son and the devil himself


October 28

No news at the front

Wendell & Wild

Wild is the Wind



October 28

My Encounter with Evil


October 28

GARCIA! New serie

30th of October



28 October

the bad guys

29 october

crimes of the future

30 october



October 28

Run sweetheart, run

The Devil’s Hour


October 26th

Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles

The Mysterious Benedict Society


October 26th



October 28

close to your enemy

the third meeting

Oliver’s Universe

What to see from October 28-30 on Netflix, HBO Max, Movistar +, Disney + and Prime Video: premiere movies and series on VOD