Which Horror Movie Character Would You Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Whenever Halloween happens, it happens to fall while the sun is in Scorpio. Therefore, today we show you which horror movie characters you could identify with based on their personality and according to their zodiac sign.

(Woman hung from truck to lower her partner’s alleged lover)

Aries, you would be Chucky

Chucky is a doll possessed through witchcraft by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, causing the once-inanimate object to cause terror for its sadism. Chucky is the main character in the ‘Child’s Play’ movie series.

Aries tend to have an outgoing and even aggressive personality, which tends to be determined as to what they want, this is because their planetary ruler is Mars. Therefore, it could be said that the aforementioned doll and the Aries share these characteristics in their personality.

Tauros, do you know who Patrick Bateman is?

Patrick Bateman, star of American Physico.

Patrick Bateman is a successful businessman from the big city who likes to look and dress well, however he has a murderous streak that he satiates by killing his colleagues, prostitutes, beggars, street artists and even a child.

Taurus has Venus as ruler, related to the Roman god of love, so these people usually enjoy all the pleasures that life can offer them, a characteristic similar to the protagonist of the movie American Psycho.

Gemini, what do you know about Ghostface?

‘Ghostface’, the villain from the horror movie ‘Scream’.

In the ‘Scream’ franchise, the Ghostface killer is portrayed as a cunning person who enjoys taunting and threatening his victims through phone calls before murdering them.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Geminis, who tend to enjoy new things and have fun. Also, cunning is usually a preponderant characteristic, traits similar to those of the murderer who, since the late 90s, has inspired hundreds of Halloween costumes.

Cancer, have you seen ‘Crimson Peak’?


Twitter of @Lucillestellar

Lucille Sharpe is the main antagonist of the movie ‘Crimson Peak’. In the film, she and her brother, Thomas, develop an incestuous relationship after her mother keeps them locked up in the attic for many years. After killing her mother, they both develop a plan to keep the inheritances of all of Thomas’s halflings, however he falls in love with one of them and Lucille goes into a rage due to her jealousy.

Cancers tend to have very strong emotions regarding their relatives and be very protective of those they love because their ruling star is the moon. It could be said that, to a fair extent, Lucille and Cancers may have similar personalities.

Leo, let’s talk about Art the clown.


Art, the clown, is the protagonist of the film Terrifier


frame taken from Terrier

Art the Clown is the main villain in several movies such as ‘The 9th Circle’ (2008′), ‘Terrifier’ (2011) and ‘All Hallows Eve’ (2013). He is a demonic clown who only appears during Halloween and is characterized by being brutally sadistic and enjoying dominating his victims.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which means that, usually, those who are from this zodiac sign seek attention and are not very fearful, traits that they share, in fair measure, with this murderous clown.

Virgo, what if we mention Michael Myers?


The character of Michael Myers was inspired by personal experiences of the director of ‘Halloween’.


Universal Pictures / iStock

Michael Mayers is the psychopathic protagonist of the ‘Halloween’ film series. It is characterized by being little patient and killing for no reason. Over the years Mayers’ psychopathic origins have changed, originally he was simply an evil human, later progressing to involve black magic, and even demonic possession.

Because the Virgo they are an earth sign and their ruler is Mercury, they tend to be extremely analytical people who can become obsessed with an ideaagain, some characteristics that they share with Mayers.

Libra, you would be similar to Pennywise


From the first tape, the Swedish Bill Skarsgård plays the terrifying clown Pennywise. According to the actor, the experience was different with a cast of adults.

Pennywise is the dancing clown and fan of red balloons who stars in ‘It’. At first he may come across as friendly, but later he reveals his true nature in that he feeds on the children he scares, because he enjoys them more.

Venus is the ruler of Libras, so generally these people are emotionally balanced, however, as their second ruler is Saturn, they can have characteristics of a cold and even depressive personality, a duality similar to that of Pennywise.

Scorpio, have you considered Pinhead?


9. Doug Bradley: This British actor is known for playing the cenobite ‘Pinhead’ in the first eight films of the ‘Hellraiser’ series.


1. Amazon UK 2. Instagram: officialdougbradley

Pinhead is a being known as the master of pain in the ‘Hellraiser’ series. He enjoys instilling fear in his victims, as well as having persuasive abilities to make others do what he wants. Scorpio has Pluto as second ruler, so as a general rule the negative side of the people of this sign tend to be controlling and even vindictive.

Sagittarius, does Jason Voorhees ring a bell?


Jason Voorhees is the protagonist of the twelve films of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise

Jason Voorhes is the murderous protagonist of ‘Friday the 13th’, (Friday the 13th’ in English). During his childhood he was frequently teased by his campmates for his hydrocephalus. The abuse was such that they chased him to the lake, where he fell and drowned. Years later Jason appears and decides to take revenge.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, so those born under this sign are spontaneous and like the outdoors,
as it happens with this villain who usually stalks his victims in a special way in the open.

Capricorn, remember Esther Coleman?


image taken from SensaCine

Esther Coleman is the villain of the horror film ‘The Orphan’, a woman who, due to a syndrome, sees herself as a girl. Esther is a murderer who enjoys killing those who open their doors to adopt the supposed girl.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which influences their intelligence and analytical skills, which they often use to pass tests, just like Esther.

Aquarius, we present to you Jigsaw


13 years ago, on the weekend of Halloween, Macabre Game (Saw) and the character of Jigsaw showed the world a new face of terror.


Jigsaw is the protagonist of the ‘Saw’ saga. His method of torture is games that people must face with the additional element of psychological torture by making their victims reveal their deepest secrets. The executions of the murderer are usually done with high theatricality.

The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, these people usually use their genius to achieve their goals, as the antagonist of this horror movie does in a sadistic way.

Pisces, are we already talking about Freddy Krueger?


The character is one of the most recognized of the 80’s era.

Freddy Krueger is the protagonist of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ (‘“A Nightmare on Elm Street’ in English) and is possibly one of the best-known fictional murderers. Krueger’s characteristic is that he torments and murders his victims in his dreams, events that are replicated in real life.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, usually those born under this sign sometimes dislike the real world, however, that does not prevent them from facing everything to get what they want.

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Which Horror Movie Character Would You Be Based On Your Zodiac Sign?