Who is Dave Verbist, the murderer of Montse Méndez and Anne Strande, the stars of TV3’s ‘Crims’?

One of the protagonists of crims of TV3, in the double chapter that has served to start the fourth season of the TV3 True Crime program directed by Carles Porta, Dave Verbist, will spend many years in prison. He is accused of two crimes, that of Girona, where he killed and cut up to Montse Mendezand the one in Madrid, where he killed to Anna Strande, drowning her and burning her on the bed in her room. Dave Verbist is currently 41 years old and a potential serial killer and sex offender. A psychopath.

Who is Dave Verbist?

Officially, he is the murderer of Montse Mèndez and Anna Strande. But he has other crimes on his resume, since the year 2020 landed in Spain. Between the crime of Montse Méndez and Anne Strande the man, who had settled in Madrid where he managed a tourist apartment from the company where his partner worked, had sexually assaulted a Cuban girl. Despite the fact that the neighbors recognized him and he was detained, since he was left on trial, since the girl was able to escape, he was released with charges and was saved from being tested for dna -that could have been relevant in subsequent investigations.

Between this background and also the two crimes for which he was convicted and is still in prison, all the analysts who have dealt with him over the years have not hesitated to ensure that he is a potential serial killer with clear tendencies as a sexual offender. When he was arrested for the murder of the young Danish woman in Madrid and he also confessed to the crime of Montse Mendez -that he chopped in the bathtub of the apartment where he lived, in Girona– The police reviewed his entire career almost in detail, to try to link him to more crimes, but they found no relationship with any other, a fact that worried the investigators. It is not normal for a sexual offender, and potential serial killer, to start his career with a homicide. In addition to Girona Y Madridthis Belgian man had also been in the Canary Islands.

How did you meet Anna Strande?

The obsession of dave verbist with Anna Strande was born when the man, who worked as a concierge in tourist apartments, showed the apartment where the young woman had to stay in Madrid. He opened her up, showed her and made her comfortable. From that day he began to be obsessed with the young woman, until the early morning that he killed and burned her. After partying, drunk and drugged, he sneaked into the young woman’s house and he drowned her and killed her. After the crime he doused her with oil and wrapped her in paper and then set matches to burn her. Firefighters found her on the bed in her room, completely burned.

The investigators did not find the door forced – he had the keys – and although they found a footprint of him on the charred floor, had an easy justification: he had been there when he taught the victim. But she talked too much. She had boasted, partying, that she had killed two women. That sold it. The National Police He stopped him while he was with other compatriots watching a football match for his team at the World Cup. The investigators learned that the girl, who had already felt harassed, wanted to report it, and he killed her to avoid it.

The night of the murder of Montse Méndez

Alcohol and drugs also play an important role in crime in Girona. The murderer and the victim met in a bar while playing pool. Then they went to his house, where he drowned her, almost following the same modus operandi as with the victim of Madrid. Although she always assured that she had done it as apart from a consensual sexual gameHe did not call at 112 or notify the Mossos d’Esquadra.

He opted to move it, with the collaboration of his roommate, to the bathtub at home and cut it into eight pieces, which he later distributed with garbage bags at various points of sale. Girona and from neighboring towns. They left the city a few days after the crime, in the direction of Madrid, but before that they painted it to try to eliminate evidence and traces of blood from when they cut up the young woman. Montse Mendez.

Sentenced to 41 years in prison

After being tried for the two crimes, dave verbist he was sent to prison with a sentence of 41 years. Reviewing the history of the man, who had arrived in Spain in 2020, the investigators learned that the man had grown up in a broken family and had spent part of his childhood in brothels. In addition, he left Belgium when he was linked to police investigations into sexual assaults. A fact that, unfortunately, was repeated in our house, with the murder of Montse Mendez and Anna Strande.

Who is Dave Verbist, the murderer of Montse Méndez and Anne Strande, the stars of TV3’s ‘Crims’?