Who will be Sanji’s final opponent in the series?

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Sanji joined the Straw Hats at the end of the “Baratie Arc” in 1999, two years after One Piece began. He’s been a staple member of the crew ever since, and aside from being their kitchen, Sanji has always been considered the third strongest fighter in the main cast.

Unlike Zoro, whose final opponent has been known since his introduction, and protagonist Luffy, who has multiple potential final opponents, Sanji is in need of a final opponent. The cliche for every battle within an arc is that Luffy takes on the main villain, Zoro takes on the second most powerful, and Sanji takes on the third. With the ultimate final battle looming in what is now the story’s final saga, One Piece fans have been speculating on two potential options for Sanji’s opponent.

Could Admiral Kizaru be Sanji’s last adversary in One Piece?

Surprisingly, Admiral Kizaru is among the supposed adversaries. The first and only interaction between Sanji and Kizaru in One Piece took place at the end of the “Sabaody Arc”, in which Kizaru arrives and completely dismantles the crew – along with all other Supernovas present on the island at that time. that time.

The basis of this argument is that Kizaru and Sanji primarily use kick-based attacks when fighting. In One Piece, however, it takes a lot more to make the fight compelling. Apart from the physical component, fights in One Piece are often a clash of ideologies, wills, etc.

For this, the opposing personalities of Sanji and Kizaru become relevant. Despite his lightning-fast fighting style, Kizaru is sluggish, laid-back, and unenthusiastic. On the other hand, Sanji describes himself as “burning with passion”, so much so that it allows him to set his leg on fire for his signature power-up, Diablo Leg. A potential conflict could arise from Sanji’s desire for revenge for the events of Sabaody, and a flippant and apathetic response from Kizaru who barely remembers the events of that day. There is, however, a more unusual opponent who may end up being Sanji’s last stand.

Shiryu of the Rain is another possible final opponent for Sanji.

Rain Shiryu

Shiryu de la Pluie is the former head jailer of One Piece’s high-security prison, Impel Down. He was removed from his position and imprisoned in the lowest levels after violently murdering prisoners. He escaped the prison with Blackbeard’s help, however, and has been part of his crew ever since.

Although Shiryu and Sanji have never met, a possible match comes from Shiryu possessing the Suke Suke no Mi, which allows him to turn invisible. The Devil Fruit was first introduced during the “Thriller Bark” arc, where Sanji faced off against its original user, Absalom. During this battle, Sanji complained that he had desired this fruit ever since he read it as a child. After the time jump, it was revealed that Shiryu became the fruit’s next user after Absalom was killed by the Blackbeard Pirates. It’s hard to say if Sanji would go up against Shiryu on that fact alone.

What makes this fight more likely is that Sanji can now make himself invisible even without the use of a Devil Fruit. During his fight against Queen in the Onigashima Raid, Sanji heavily lost the battle against the Beasts Pirates’ second-in-command. With almost every bone in his body broken, Sanji’s body began to change.

manga sanji

Thanks to the genetic enhancements he received as a child, Sanji is now capable of superhuman feats of durability and strength. Part of those unlocked powers includes the ability to move so quickly that he seems invisible. Queen, who could also make herself invisible through technological enhancements, was outclassed by the new and improved Sanji.

Sanji’s history in battling invisibility users is well documented by this point in One Piece, so a final fight with Shiryu isn’t entirely out of the question. Sanji’s kind heart and passion for others also clash with Shiryu’s psychopathic and murderous personality, creating another lead for this potential match.

There are still so many details to see in One Piece. Since Eiichiro Oda likes to throw fireballs at the audience at every opportunity, it’s also possible that neither Kizaru nor Shiryu is Sanji’s final opponent, but someone entirely new who hasn’t been yet. show.

Who will be Sanji’s final opponent in the series?