Why did he do something so scary? |

It happened on October 6, when Francisco Javier García (Antony), 32 years old, murdered Jesús Cuevas, a 30-year-old young man described as cheerful, family-oriented, enterprising and with big dreams for himself and his family.

This was what the confessed murderer revealed to the authorities:

1) He invited Jesús Cueva to his residence, located at kilometer 7 of the Sánchez highway.

2) When Jesús Cuevas arrives, it is presumed that a kind of discussion began between the men, due to debts from a personal loan business that they shared.

3) Anthony then proceeds to give him several deadly thrusts.

4) After realizing that he had killed it, he cut it into parts that he put in plastic bags and put it in a tank, sealed it with adhesive tape and placed it in a room in the back of the house.

5) When the authorities manage to identify the murderer, the body of Jesús Cuevas was already 29 days old inside the plastic tank in a three-story apartment.

6) In those 29 days, the cave murderer carried out his daily activities with total normality… he shared with his three-year-old son, since he had been separated from his wife for more than a year, who had left the house they shared… and had left her son in his care.

7) Although the neighbors felt a very unpleasant smell, they attributed it to possible dead animals. Nor did they notice anything strange about Anthony, who acted very normal and shared with everyone, even allowing visits and the entrance of children who were going to be entertained with video games.

Now let’s look at this case a little deeper to explain if it is a psychopathic murderer or a sociopathic murderer.

The boundaries between psychopathy and sociopathy are sometimes blurred and both terms often create a lot of confusion, even among the same specialists, but there are differences between these two antisocial personality disorders.
and in the case of francisco javier garcia (antony) and jesús Cuevas we can observe these differences.

1) The psychopath is characterized by a high level of planning and his long-term vision. His calculations are often amazingly accurate because he measures his behavior to hide his crime or breach of rules.

2) On the other hand, the sociopath is much more impulsive, his difficulty in managing his uncomfortable emotions produce outbursts of anger or rage. Hence, the crimes attributed to him are usually a consequence of his impulsiveness and not of planning. In this case, we observe that the neighbors report that they had heard a heated argument between the two men, but that they did not pay much attention to it since these discussions are common in that environment, so we could assume that as a result of that discussion, the named Francisco Javier García (Antony) lost control of his emotions and attacked his victim. This trait of impulsiveness frequently causes him to have problems relating to others and to situations of unemployment, lack of money, (remember that the murderer had lost his job and had borrowed an amount of money from his victim- verified two last transfers made by Jesús Cuevas to Francisco Javier García, one of 12,000 pesos and the other of 100,000 pesos)

3) A sociopath usually exerts more violence than a psychopath since his impulses take him to unpredictable extremes, contrary to the psychopath who ordinarily uses his intelligence and social skills to achieve his purpose.

4) A sociopath is more invaded by other mental disorders than the psychopath since the latter is not related to the events of his life, contrary to the sociopath who may be suffering from anxiety, depression or addictions. (remember that the confessed murderer had been abandoned by his wife and left him in the care of his three-year-old son, which points to a state of possible anxiety and depression due to the loss)

5) Some specialists assure that the named Francisco Javier Garcíaa (Antony) is a psychopath since he showed great coldness by keeping the corpse in a tank for many days, but both disorders usually share these traits: not having empathy and his lack of remorse is more than noticeable. and remember that when he was arrested by the agents, the murderer addressed a neighbor and said “neighbor, I made a mistake” an expression almost forbidden for a psychopath whose narcissism prevents him from expressing the slightest remorse…even when the neighbor insists on what happened, the murderer replies, I’m ashamed! and lowered his head… a behavior absent in a psychopath.

In the horrendous case of confessed murderer Francisco Javier Garcia (Anthony) who kept the body of his victim Jesús Cuevas inside a plastic tank in his apartment for 29 days, we conclude that this is a case that exemplifies the subtle but identifiable differences between a crime done by a psychopath and a crime done by a sociopath.

Why did he do something so scary? |