Witch doctor “psychopath” is accused along with a married couple of torturing, decapitating, dismembering and eating older women in sadistic human sacrifices

KERALA, India.- A witch doctor Indian, categorized as a “psychopath”, and a married couple have been accused of torture, rape and dismember women in human sacrifices, even cooking and partially eating them.

The convicted rapist Mohammed Shafiwas arrested this week along with the married couple, Bhagaval and Laila Singh, after the partial remains of two women were unearthed in the couple’s yard, police said Wednesday.

They “brutally abused and killed” the women in rituals three months apart, said the police spokesman, Pramod Kumar, to Agence France-Presse.

“The killings were brutal… The manner of killing is indescribable,” said the Kochi city police commissioner, CH Nagarajuto the Indian Times.

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in the worst way

The victims, both women in their 50s, were tortured for an hour, before being decapitated and dismemberedone of them cut into 56 piecesa senior police source told The Hindustan Times.

Laila Singh later confessed to eating body parts, claiming that the sorcerer Shafi promised that he would bring them richespolice said.

Some parts of the bodies were cooked and consumed by the three accused,” the local commissioner told the newspaper.

After the murders, Shafi, who had been released earlier this year by the rape and attempted murder of a 75-year-old woman, had sex with Laila Singh while her husband was praying nearby, according to reports.

psycho warlock

The police believe that Shafi was the ringleader, in addition to arguing that he cheated on the couple who was in trouble after befriending them Facebook.

Shafi “is a psychopath and a sexual pervert... He only wants sexual pleasure and would go to any lengths, even to kill, to get it,” said the police commissioner, who also called him “sadistic”.

“Shafi is a hardened criminal and has refused to cooperate with the investigation,” the commissioner said.

But “when the three were interrogated together, Laila broke down and gave us details of the two murders, blaming Shafi for them,” he said.

a desperate couple

The woman said that she and her husband were having financial problems with their massage parlor business and Shafi convinced them that “human sacrifice was the path to great riches”police told the AFP.

His first victim, identified only as Roslyna woman in her 50s, was cut into five pieces after being lured to the house in June, a senior law enforcement source told the outlet. Singh cut off her breasts after the murder, according to reports.

death and deception

After that sacrifice failed to generate the desired wealth, they killed again in September, this time cutting up the victim, P.Padma, 52 years old, in 56 pieces, the source said.

Shafi mutilated Padma’s genitals and slit her throat, he said. Asian News International (ANI).

The second murder was much more brutal because, after the first, Singh approached Shafi to complain that he had seen no material gain and was told that a more gruesome sacrifice was necessary because the family was under a curse.” said the source Hindustan Times.

All three appeared in court on Wednesday, where they were ordered detained for 14 days before another hearing. An investigation is ongoing as to whether there could be more victimsconfirmed the police.

Human sacrifices

“Kidnapping and killing people for wealth and superstitious beliefs it is a crime that is beyond imagination in a state like Kerala,” said Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, to the local media.

Experts say that belief in witchcraft and the occult remains widespread in many tribal and remote areas of India, where occasional incidents of human sacrifice have been reported, he noted. AFP.

Earlier this month, two men were arrested for allegedly kill a six year old in the capital, New Delhi, according to reports.

Construction workers told police they were under the influence of cannabis and murdered the child as a sacrifice to hindu god shiva to get rich.

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Witch doctor “psychopath” is accused along with a married couple of torturing, decapitating, dismembering and eating older women in sadistic human sacrifices