with marked skin

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more painful than anything that bleeds.”

Laurel K. Hamilton

In November last year Monica Taibowife of an acquaintance notary from the city of Cosamaloapan, veracruzdenounced in his social media death threats, domestic violence, rape and others abuses by his spouse, requesting the intervention of the state authorities.

The case is shocking: Sergio Hernandez Ballarinothe victim’s husband, had forced her to tattoo her back with a figure in the form of a cattle iron, ruling that if she denounced him, he would kill her.

Next to her attacker, Monica lived humiliations and events as shocking as the murder from his mascot in front of your family members:

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“One day, we were eating at home, with my children and Sergio Hernández Ballarino, with a gun of high caliber He killed our puppy that was our pet, telling me that he was doing it so I would believe that the next one to die could be me, so I fear for my life and that of my family,” says the lady in the video.

Today we know that femicide psychopath He has violated not only Mónica, but he has also done it with two more women and on January 27 he has a audience to respond to the Special Prosecutor for the Investigation of Crimes of Violence against the Family, Women, Girls, Boys and Human Trafficking of the sixteenth Judicial District for a complaint that weighs against him for gender violence, in addition to having a complaint more for rape, family violence, and life-threatening injuries to another victim.

All one token the man, who is known from reliable sources, has been protected by the College of Notaries of your locality making boast highly influential and compadrazgo with some judges and lawyers, at the moment no one has touched it Not even with the petal of a rose.

The case of María Elena Ríos

The saxophonist Maria Elena Rios has lived through an ordeal since her former sentimental partner, the former deputy priista Juan Antonio Vera Carrizalhad a bucket of acid emptied of her while working in her office, leaving her with 90 percent of her body burned.

The assailant ended up in jail in April 2020, and three years later the President Magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of oaxaca, Eduardo Pinacho Sanchezproposed that Vera Carrizal move in with her family and get out of prison.

María Elena has been prey to fear and in their social mediaas well as in different media, has asked for help so that the man, accused of femicide in degree of attemptdo not be released, then he fears for his life.

In both cases, the abuse of power, the poor administration of justice, always from a sexist Y misogynistthey have revictimized to the women who scream to be heard and to stay safe from those who can surely kill them.

Added to the pain of losing her life project as a couple, wife, and in the case of Mónica, as a mother, is the hell to know hurt physically and emotionally.

And on top of that, every woman who has been raped faces the social judgmentwho often does not understand the pain and fear of those who have had the misfortune of having the enemy at home.

There is no way to understand how the authority is permissible in cases like these, which are just a sample of the millions that occur every day in the country.

A woman who is physically marked and emotionally violated must build her life practically right from the startsince fleeing from a femicide implies, most of the time, leaving him everything to survive.

In the first case, Mónica Taibo’s husband has been guilty of assaulting two more women, but that guilt should be proven before justice, we already know how it is handled.

Our society requires a background change in it judicial system to prevent violent men from enjoying freedom and continuing to threaten the lives of women, whose only mistake is trust in the wrong man.

The revictimization of women before authority begins from the very moment of report before him Public ministrywith positions held mostly by men.

They are also minority courts headed by a woman. In our country, at the end of 2022, only 40 percent were in charge of a judge.

This lack of parity in the administration of justice is one of the factors that trigger a woman to live a calvary at the time of demand that your attacker is punishedbecause there is no empathy or speed in the care and prevention of crime, leading the victim, on many occasions, to avoid reporting and being killed.

Today these two cases of women who have been marked in body and soul they owe us worry Y occupy.

It’s time to stop this barbarism that hurts us like society and regain confidence in authority.

with marked skin