You have to see how my canary barks!

This delivery of Unpublished meanings Its main protagonists are dogs of different classes and conditions, faithful companions of the name. We will also visit, with some shock included, the homes of Nino, Pilar and Antón, but first of all we will start by throwing a can into the water.

channel. (of cane). Head where gray hair is born and grows. The transformation of the scalp into a canal is a first symptom of aging; That’s why those who want to look younger wear a tinted canal. At some point, even white people want to have black hair. There is no better way to get racism out of your head!

channel. (of cana + analyze). Of all the hairs, analyze those that are totally or partially white. The collection of samples must be done, obviously, in a channel.

Canary. (of can + aryan). Dog of the breed “German Shepherd”. Originally created to herd cattle, it was thanks to their intelligence, learning ability and obedience that their specimens were later used for different purposes, some of them related to police and military tasks. Speaking of Germany and the Aryans, we have photographic evidence that Hitler himself bragged about a female German shepherd named Blondi. We do not know, however, if in any case – prey to excitement – the Führer even exclaimed: “You have to see how my canary barks!”.

Cancel. (of dog + heat). Being a bitch in heat. By sterilizing, canceling is going to end.

padlock. (of can + die). Dog given up for adoption. Remember that if you have decided to incorporate a dog into your life, “don’t buy, adopt”. In any animal protection center there are hundreds of dogs waiting for a family. And forget all your fears: among many other benefits, a padlock will give you security.

chandelier. (of can + de + work). Labrador dog. On small farms, where mules and oxen could barely turn around, trained candelabras traditionally took over the pull of the tillage, similar to how Siberian dogs used for transportation pulled the sled across the ice.

cannibal. (of cannibal + Hannibal). Dr. Hannibal Lecter, fictional psychopath created by novelist Thomas Harris and portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in The silence of the lambs. This killer monster achieved world renown, inspiring a series and even a cookbook. With refined manners, dressed in an insolent cynicism, Dr. Lecter is able to go from wild and disgusting cannibalism to a revered cult gastronomy that allows him to devour the flesh of his victims in plates gourmet. Nothing tasted the same to us after hearing that disturbing statement: “I ate his liver accompanied by broad beans and a good chianti.”

canine. (of AC, House + Boy). abbrev. House of Saturnin. In canine they showed me their fangs, but they didn’t feed me and I was still starving.

cantata. (of cantata + daddy). Musical and poetic composition intended to be sung by nannies to calm the crying of children and, incidentally, introduce them to religious rites. Cantatas are a fundamental element of religious upbringing.

canteen. (of chant + implore). Song with which one thing is requested, with pleas and tears. In times of extreme thirst, canteens continue to be a form of prayer to get rain from the sky.

canton. (of AC, House + Anton). abbrev. Anton’s house. When we went to Switzerland we were in canton. Or was it when we were in China?

cantonated (of I sing + swim). Sports practice consisting of singing and swimming simultaneously, as mermaids do, for example.

train. (of cape + quote). Summon the bull with the cape. The bullfighters are distinguished because they deal in the squares with the most capable living beings; It is hard to understand why, despite this, minutes later they are killed.

capable. (of capable + peace). Said of the individual with the necessary preparation to end a war. If he succeeds, he is given, as an honorary distinction, the cape of peace.

capillary. (of AC, House + Pillar). abbrev. Pillar House. Neither in canine, nor in canton; You will have to excuse me: because of the hairs that I have treated, I will end up in a capillary. @worldwide

You have to see how my canary barks!