You: Season 3 Ending Explained

For a few days we have known the release date of You season 4. On February 10, 2022, we will find out what happens next in the bizarre world of Joe Goldberg. And if you forgot how the last season ended, we’ve got you covered here.

Many storylines from Season 3 will continue into Season 4. Most important, of course, is the story of Joe Goldberg, the psychopath we love.

If you don’t want to rewatch Season 3, but want to remember all the important plot points, we’ve summarized everything important from Season 3 here. Attention! Spoiler alert for season 3!

This is how season 3 ends

Here is a brief summary of the most important events:

  • At the start of the third season, Joe and Love move with their son to the suburb of Madre Linda. They play up the image of a happy young family as the story unfolds.
  • The first woman Joe falls in love with is Natalie, a neighbor. But Love quickly realizes that Joe is obsessed with Natalie, and she kills her.. Then Joe and Love must work together to get rid of the body.
  • It doesn’t take long for Joe to develop a new obsession with Marienne. Marienne runs Madre Linda’s library and is Joe’s boss.
  • The first cube victim in the cellar is found just as quickly. Gil, a neighbor, admits he’s an anti-vaxxer, and it was this choice that caused Love and Joe’s son Henry to contract chickenpox. Love beats him and locks him in the cage. Shortly after, GIl kills himself in the cage and Joe and Love decide to frame him for Natalie’s murder.
  • Six months pass without major incident.
  • Then the relationship begins to deteriorate again, and Love persuades Joe to open up and invites the Conrads, their eccentric neighbors, to a swinging session. But unfortunately the date degenerates and Love reveals to Sherry and Cary that she murdered Natalie. Unfortunately, this forces Joe and Natalie to lock these two in the cage..
  • All in Joe tries to help Marienne in her trial to get her daughter back. It doesn’t help much, but he ends up stabbing the biological father to death.
  • Theo, Natalie’s son, discovers CCTV evidence that makes him suspect Joe of killing Natalie. He brings this proof to Love at the bakery, and she beats him with a fire extinguisher. But he is not dead and Joe takes him to the hospital.
  • In the season’s grand finale, the situation is tense and during a “lightening” dinner, it escalates completely: Love confronts Joe about his obsession with Marienne, while Joe tells her about the mysterious death of her first husband.
  • Joe is fed up with his wife and wants a divorce so he can run away with Marienne and her daughter.
  • Love, as expected, takes it rather badly and uses poison to paralyze Joe. Then she asks Marienne to visit her, because she wants to kill her. But that doesn’t happen, because Marienne’s daughter comes in and interrupts him. To fake his own death, Joe cuts off both of his toes and burns down their shared home. This sorts out just about every detail, except for Theo and his father, and Marienne.
  • As Love prepares to kill Joe, he injects him with aconite and stages his suicide using a suicide note in which Love confesses to all the murders..
  • After a while, normalcy returns to the quiet suburb of Madre Linda. Joe and Love’s son Henry is adopted by a nice gay couple, Matthew and his son Theo seem happy again, despite the death of their wife and mother, and Sherry and Cary find great success with a counselor. relational after their escape from the cube.
  • Joe has landed in Paris and seems to have started a new life under a new name. However, he still has not forgotten Marien. “I will find you”, promises the stalker as he disappears through the streets of Paris

What do we expect from season 4?

As revealed in the Season 4 promotional trailer, Joe now lives in London as a literature teacher under an assumed name, and Marienne returns in Season 4. She knows about Joe’s dark side and that he killed her husband, but we know he still wants to find her and be with her. But, knowing Joe, that won’t be enough, and he’ll no doubt become obsessed with one of his students as well.

Not the perfect conditions for the big love story, if you ask me. But it was never a traditional love story.

What we know so far, we have summarized for you here: YOU Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

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