You: Why season 4 of the drama will premiere on Netflix differently

You will be back on Netflix with the psychopath Joe Goldberg at the helm and his new targets in his sights. With the upcoming episodes, the character of Penn Badgley is not the only one that will be taking a turn, but also the psychological drama since it will be released in a different way.

you is the suspenseful and psychological horror drama that premiered on the platform Netflix in December 2018. The series was co-created by Sera Gable and Greg Berlanti for lifetime and The Streamer, inspiring its first season on Caroline Kepnes’ 2014 novel of the same name and following bookstore manager Joe Golberg (Pen Badgley), a sinister character and serial killer who becomes obsessed with some women and makes them his victims.

Season 4 of You will premiere on Netflix in a different way than previous installments

The series was renewed for its second season taking the story from Kepnes’s second novel, ‘Hidden bodysuits‘. This installment arrived on Netflix in December 2019 and did not return to fan screens until October of last year when it appeared with the third installment, the end of which left the psychopathic murderer and stalker of women traveling to Paris, France, behind the Librarian Marienne Bellamy (Taty Gabrielle), his latest obsession.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes of You season 4 which will premiere in early 2023. Netflix announced this week that ahead of the debut it plans to release a series of previews on revealed dates via a short video shared on social media last Thursday.

“Mark your calendar. Professor Jonathan Moore hopes to see you this semester,” is the message that accompanies the recent You season 4 announcement.

Although the end of the third installment of You showed Joe Goldberg in Paris, a season 4 sneak peek revealed that most of the upcoming episodes will take place in London, where Penn Badgley’s character finds a job as a university professor under a new identity, calling himself Jonathan Moore.

Season 4 of You will premiere on Netflix in a different way. Fans of the hit drama, with the previous installments saw all 10 episodes appear at once on the same day it was released. However, the streaming platform is changing the way fans will be able to watch new stories about Joe Goldberg.

You season 4 will premiere on two different dates in 2023

The fourth season of You, which will also have a total of 10 episodes, will arrive on Netflix in two parts. The first batch is scheduled to launch on February 10, 2023 and the second exactly one month later, on March 10.. Fans will have to keep an eye out for the dates of upcoming announcements regarding Season 4 of the drama, which will start coming out on Thursday, November 24, 2022.

You season 4’s story will be structured differently, according to Penn Badgley. In the plot, under his new name, Joe Goldberg continues his search for his “true love”, Marienne, while in London, England, he manages to infiltrate the inner circle of a group of high society individuals. One of these people, an art gallery director named Kate (charlotte ritchie), it will not take long for him to suspect the intentions of serial killer Joe Goldberg. And apparently, she will also become a new obsession as shown by the promotional photo.

You: Why season 4 of the drama will premiere on Netflix differently