Your cat could be psychopathic, warns a new study

A group of British researchers designed a questionnaire for those with cats to find out the truth

(NOTICIAS YA).- Could cats be psychopaths?

That was the question raised by a group of researchers in the UK, particularly from the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.

According to Vice in its “Motherboard” section, the scientists designed a questionnaire and posted it online for cat owners to answer to help them better understand felines.

The survey includes questions about whether the cat in question makes extremely loud noises for no apparent reason, runs around the house for no reason, or shows no visible sign of “blame” for misbehavior.

The group used the answers given by 549 people who live with cats to be able to establish a criterion of what psychopathy implies in this species.

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The researchers started from the “triarchic” concept of psychopathy, which is used in humans. This evaluates the levels of daring, pettiness and disinhibition to determine if a person is a psychopath. Those same three traits were identified as characteristic of a psychopathic cat, to which would be added being unfriendly to humans and other pets.

The measurement system was named Cat Triarchic Plus.

“Our cats and the differences in their personalities inspired us to start this research. I’m also personally interested in how owners’ perceptions of psychopathy in their cat may affect the relationship between the cat and their owner,” Rebecca Evans, one of the lead researchers, told Motherboard.

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Another of them, Minna Lyons, said that both she and her friends are obsessed with cats, which they spend their free time with. However, her formal work is directed at other species, including primates and rodents and even humans.

“We decided to join forces, and see if psychopathy would be relevant to our cat friends as well,” said Lyons, whose cat, Axel, was involved in one area of ​​the study that tracked cat movements. What he found was disturbing.

“Axel is totally daring, and has been known to enter neighbors’ houses, cars and garages to look for food,” which would be indicators of a psychopathic cat, the researcher explained.

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Motherboard explains that according to the study authors, it is possible that all cats have a component of psychopathy, at least as we humans usually understand it.

These types of characteristics have led many owners to question the innocence of their cats, but they are the same ones that helped their wild ancestors survive in nature, which, unlike their domestic equivalent, had to be in charge of obtaining food, ensuring their territory and find a partner to mate with.

Your cat could be psychopathic, warns a new study