Your partner is an integrated psychopath, how to unmask him?

Psychopaths in general have common behaviors. They tend to be antisocial cruelwithout remorse, and lacking empathy.

The integrated psychopath, male or femalehas the same behaviors but goes unnoticed because he is not a criminal. He develops in the social sphere with “normality”, without committing crimes.

At first they are charming and then highly dangerous. They destroy people gradually, they are so clever that the couple does not realize that they are emotionally manipulating until it is too late and it is already completely devalued.

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They are also known as narcissistic psychopaths, they are camouflaged in society, they integrate into it, and we cannot clearly identify them because they are lovely people. They have characteristics of psychopaths who are serial killers, with the difference that they are not criminals,” he explains. Laura Patricia Caballero-Rosiquemaster’s degree in Gestalt psychotherapy.

He refers that in addition to being charming, they are successful and intelligent, but at the same time they are cruel, they have no feelings or empathy, therefore, they are manipulative and emotionally abuse their victims through psychological play: cognitive dissonance, gas lighting and triangulations.

“To them they care a lot about what society thinks and can pretendFor example, if a couple is divorcing and they have children, the one who is an integrated psychopath is going to fight to keep them and not because he cares about them but because of what they will say,” he says.

An integrated psychopath not only takes advantage of his partner, either sexually or financially, it also hurts your family, your friends, co-workersand everyone who can in order to take advantage.

The doctor Robert Harepsychologist and researcher in the field of criminal psychology, calls them “interspecies predators”, this means that human beings are victims of other human beings, comments the master.

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Most victims of an integrated psychopath have experienced this in their families. They are apparently normal families, but covertly these people suffered psychological abuse from their father, mother or a sibling. Although no one is exempt.

First they study their victim. They choose people with good feelings because they cannot have that kindness.. Also, if they are vulnerable to be able to prey on them better. Then they start with the psychological game to hypnotize them.

“What the integrated psychopath is going to do to prey on his partner is that he is going to manifest himself as his soulmate, he will tell him that they have the same tastes, that they are one for the other. He will start bombarding her with flattering calls and messages. The victim is going to say: How wonderful that I met this man who came into my life to make me the happiest because he had never felt like this!” Warns the master.

“The predator It will spend some time like a honeymoon, hypnotizing and trapping the prey, but once it is completely manipulated, it will begin to act differently.. He will do what is necessary to make the other feel bad or guilty, turning any situation around that will always end in his favor, through strategies such as humiliation and lies,” he details.

Then the victim will begin to ask: What did I do wrong? Something is wrong with me because everything was perfect and suddenly he began to act differently, says the master, who emphasizes, “No, you’re not doing anything wrong, but since he already has you in his hands, he’ll start doing his thing”.


The first upset that the victim suffers from is cognitive dissonance, which refers to a thought, feeling or act, which is contradicts their individual beliefs. This causes uneasiness and tension, so the person begins to justify it.

The person loses confidence in himself, isolates himself from his family and friends, it is closed in on itself. She justifies the psychopath because he does not believe that this person, who is the best thing that happened to him in life, is a traitor and a liar. This is how they lose their essence “, she points out.

triangulation is when the psychopath intentionally introduces a third person in your life with the intention of causing jealousy and insecurity in your partner. This provokes an obsessive behavior in the victim who does and says anything in order not to lose it.

“For example, you start chatting with that person until the victim notices and it makes them uncomfortable. Then he begins to feel bad for doubting him, to the point of saying: I’m the crazy onehow much he loves me,” he stresses.

Here comes the lighting gas, which is when the victim is no longer sure about things, so they think they need therapy.

An integrated psychopath seeks to neutralize, destroy those around him. He only thinks of himself and does it for fun or some interest. He doesn’t care about the damage he can cause, what’s more, that feeds his power, because seeing the other person weak makes you feel more powerful.

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According to Caballero Rosique, it is a great mistake to believe that when one falls into the clutches of a predator it is for fools, because it ensures that you do not see it coming. So don’t blame yourself.

Integrated psychopaths are selfish, they do not have emotional capacity but they do have cognitive capacity and they use the latter for their own benefit, that is, observe and learn social behavioralthough they do not connect with him and lor used to manipulate others, managing their emotions.

There is no single profile to define integrated psychopaths, but so that you are alert, these are a series of characteristics that define it:

•They have a shallow charm

•They are very smart

they are not worthy trustworthy

•Are false and liars

lack of relationships affective

•They have one antisocial behavior

•Are self-centered pathological

Loss specific of intuition

they feel no remorse and much less shame

•Are insensitive to relationships interpersonal

•At a certain time they play the role of victims

Lack of judgment and inability to learn from experience

absence of nervousness or psycho-neurotic manifestations

absence of hallucinations and other signs of irrational thinking

•Present unpleasant behaviors when you are already under his power

•They can attract attention with suicide threats that they do not consume

•They have one impersonal sex lifefrivolous and unstable, although at the beginning of the relationship they may seem passionate and with an incredible connection.

•Are unable to follow any life plan.

According to the specialist, If you have only one of these characteristics, you are already considered an integrated psychopath, male or female.. They have no cure because theirs is not a disease, it is a human condition. It is not recommended that they take any type of therapy because far from healing, they will learn more techniques to attack their victims.

Anyone who plays with a psychopath loses because they are people with a sophisticated capacity for evil. Pay attention to your partner’s actions, not their words. Don’t listen to excuses, because they are all lies.

When you get rid of him or the psycho, do not have any physical contact again, neither by phone, Whatsapp or social networks. Any approach exposes you to hook again.

Do not feel guilty for having related to such a person, understand that The problem isn’t you, it’s him.

If you are in a relationship with integrated psychopath, don’t hesitate to ask for help because they are highly dangerous.


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Your partner is an integrated psychopath, how to unmask him?