‘Terrifier’: This would be the meeting of Art The Clown, Scooby Doo and more monsters

What if Scooby-Doo met some of the bloodiest and most terrifying villains in movie history? Visual artists Steve McGinnis and Travis Falligant don’t just envision it, they illustrate it. In 1998, Hanna-Barbera released an animated film titled Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. The plot shows the Mystery Inc. gang fighting supernatural monsters, including zombies, mummies, and … Read more

“Seeking the Gold of Time”: Art Brut and Surrealists Receive Asylum at Lam

There is like a family resemblance between the devil and the fool. These two sculptures, horned heads, have the same size, the same black color, a similar patina – although one is in bronze and the other in wood – and large round eyes. Are we the only ones to see a formal proximity between … Read more

Movies at Coral Gables Art Cinema and O Cinema Miami Beach

Coral Gables Art Cinema opens Friday RogueAgent (2022) from directors Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn with James Norton and Gemma Arterton. A master liar named Freegard convinced countless victims that he was working for the English secret service (MI5) with the sole intention of extorting money from them. He was on the run for many … Read more

This is Iñaki Urrutia: his age, his studies in Art History and his nude photo

COLLABORATOR OF ‘ZAPEANDO’ Presenter, humorist, actor and writer. We review the professional career and the most intimate facet of the multifaceted Inaki Urrutia. The 44-year-old Catalan comedian is sweeping the small screen as a collaborator of zapping. Inaki Urrutia I was determined to graduate from History of art until Comedy club crossed his path. The … Read more