Berlin: the most controversial character of La casa di Carta

Death is not always the end of a character’s life and this with The Paper House we learned it well. To teach us, in particular, was Berlin who, despite his departure, has returned to inhabit the memories of the other characters for quite some time. But why has this character had such an impact on … Read more

Televisa, TV Azteca or Imagen Televisión: where “La Casa de los Famosos” could be produced in Mexico

Televisa, TV Azteca or Imagen Televisión: where “La Casa de los Famosos” could be produced in Mexico (Photos: Instagram/@telemundorealities) The House of the Famous It has become one of the most important reality shows in recent years, since the experience of seeing big celebrities without any type of filter and living in total confinement has … Read more

Michelle Jenner joins the big family of ‘La casa de papel’

The fashion in current television fictions is dominated by the prequels. we have seen it with the house of the dragon that precedes in time Game of Thrones, and with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, that starts thousands of years before the well-known trilogy. The most iconic series of Spanish fiction … Read more

Berlin: La casa di carta spin

Berlin – press conference – Tristán Ulloa, Pedro Alonso and Joel Sánchez Presented to the world Berlinthe new spin-off series dedicated to the iconic robber de The paper house: in the prequel Pedro Alonso come back for «appear lighter and more comical, without giving up the psychopathic side“ It was presented yesterday in Madrid Berlinspin-off … Read more

The day Cantinflas helped two homeless actresses and created the Casa del Actor

Mario Moreno was a forerunner in seeking the best conditions for actors and actresses in Mexico (Photo: Getty Images) Cantinflas was the founder of the Actor’s Housebut for him to think that it was necessary to have an asylum for artists who no longer had work and needed a home, he had to find two … Read more

The longest night: an Americanada ‘made in Spain’ that drinks from La Casa de Papel and 24

ALICANTE. If one knows the psychiatric prison of Fontcalent —one of the few that works in Spain and which, therefore, has as inmates/patients some of the most mediatic criminals of our recent history— one immediately realizes that the one that proposes as the scene of the action the new series of Netflix, The longest nightIt … Read more