Berlin: the most controversial character of La casa di Carta

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Actor Iwan Rheon confirms what we suspected about his character in Game of Thrones

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The 10 Worst Character Changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Joe Goldberg: all the information about the character of the series You

Joe Goldberg is the hero, or rather the antihero of the series Youwhose the fourth season is to be discovered on the Netflix catalog from February 9, 2023. The character is, at first glance, a friendly and rather handsome bookseller, who does not really attract attention. Calculator and fine strategist, Joe Goldberg doesn’t really have … Read more

Desperate Housewives, Stranger Things… 5 series that killed a main character #season2

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The Walking Dead: Why It Looks Like This Character Is About to Die

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The famous television character who turned out to be a sexual predator

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An expert in psychopathy analyzes the character of Ethan Hawke in ‘Black Phone’

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Black Phone: the director talks about the possibility of deepening the character of Ethan Hawke in a new film

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Tomorrow belongs to us: the rant of Renaud Roussel (Sacha) on the eviction of his character

Renaud Roussel pushed a huge rant against the production of Tomorrow belongs to us. The reason ? The eviction of his character. This week, viewers will find Sacha Girard, played by Renaud Roussel, in tomorrow belongs to us. While fans of the series thought they would never see the man who had been imprisoned for … Read more