“Mimma and Prince Charming”, a journey into the depths of the mind of Homo Panormitanus

Sold out and applause at the Re Mida theater in Palermo for the brilliant comedy by Bartolomeo Cosenza Extraordinary success of the brilliant comedy by Bartolomeo Cosenza (known composer from Palermo whose music is performed all over the world) “Mimma and the charming prince”, which for three evenings 27, 28, and 29 January was represented … Read more

Victim of DJ Martínez Poch: she met him in a bowling alley, she thought he was her prince charming, but he tortured and kidnapped her

August 31, 2016 disc jockey Jorge Cristian “The Count” Martinez Poch was sentenced to 37 years in prison for having kidnapped, drugged and raped to his girlfriend, in a ruling in which the law of gender violence was applied and was described as “exemplary”. Six years after the event that shocked the city of La … Read more

You: the series that warns us about the danger of charming psychopaths returns

There is no doubt about the success of You took us all by surprise. Lifestime original fiction, its reach in 2018 on air television was quite moderate. However, it was when it became available on Netflix that it became one of the most viewed fictions on the platform. So much so that, in the first … Read more