Damien Chazelle, an obsessed with transcendence who seeks in ‘Babylon’ the eternal Hollywood

Had all items to appear multiple times in the Oscars 2023 nominees list: a luxury cast, a narration around the history of cinema, a powerful staging and a lot of spectacle. Nevertheless, ‘Babylon’, by Damien Chazelle, released in Spain at the height of the awards season, has become the most notable absence among the Academy … Read more

Chazelle: with Babylon, I recount the follies and transgressions of an era

from Stefania Ulivi The director, Oscar with «La la land», talks about the new film with Margot Robbi and Brad Pitt on the excessive Hollywood of the beginning. «My homage to a group of pioneers» «To prepare myself, I have re-watched many films, such as Intolerance by Griffith, Fourth power by Orson Welles, Nashville of … Read more