The spirits of the island arrive at the cinema. The movie review

Martin McDonagh’s surreal comedy-drama, which pays homage to Beckett’s theater of the absurd and Irish folklore, is out in cinemas today. Winner of 3 Golden Globe (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay) and nominated for 9 Academy Awards Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on news from around the world Green Ireland is colored … Read more

Cinema at 100 percent, here are the reviews of the films released on January 26th

THE FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE Director: Paolo Genovese Cast: Toni Servillo, Margherita Buy, Valerio Mastandrea, Sara Serraiocco, Gabriele Cristini Duration: 121 Ariadne (Buy) is one policewoman who harbors an ancient pain inside the heart. Napoleon (Mastandrea) motivates others but has an inexplicable emptiness inside. Emilia (Serraiocco) is a former gymnastics champion confined to a … Read more

It is a bird? It is a plane? No, it’s CutreCon!: the festival of the best bad cinema returns to Madrid

“Super fun, super exciting, super spectacular.” With these three characteristics so typical of cult cinema, it was presented on its poster Supersonic Man (Juan Piquer, 1979), the film that has the dubious horror honor of officially opening the 12th edition of CutreCon this Wednesday, January 25. A starting signal to start the great festival of … Read more

Batman: Who is the scariest Joker in cinema? A shrink closes the debate

news culture Batman: Who is the scariest Joker in cinema? A shrink closes the debate Published on 01/19/2023 at 15:45 To share : The character of the Joker, the Dark Knight’s best enemy, is one of the most fascinating villains of the 9th Art. Over the ages, Gotham’s Clown has been brought to life on … Read more

Paul Vecchiali, a great man of cinema has just left us

Disappearance of one of the most important French filmmakers of his generation. Jean-Luc Godard, Jean Marie Straub, Paul Vecchiali… A generation of great French filmmakers disappeared in just a few months. We can, small consolation, boast of having been their contemporary.For sixty years, filmmaker and producer Paul Vecchiali was a key figure in French cinema. … Read more

You will not have my hatred: the powerful text on the Bataclan attacks is today a film to discover at the cinema

You will not have my hatred, the text of Antoine Leiris on the attacks of the Bataclan, shared more than 250,000 times, was adapted to the cinema. The film worn by Pierre Deladonchamps and Camélia Jordana is to be discovered in theaters this Wednesday. How do you overcome a tragedy without sinking into hatred and … Read more

Terrifier 2, L’Immensita, Les Cyclades : Les nouveautés au cinéma cette semaine

Ce qu’il faut voir en salles L’ÉVÉNEMENTTERRIFIER 2 ★★★☆☆ De Damien Leone L’essentiel La figure horrifique du clown tueur poussée à l’extrême avec un budget riquiqui. Une farce gore euphorisante et assez irrésistible. Pour à peine 35 000 dollars, Damien Leone réalisait en 2016 le premier Terrifier, slasher ultra gore sur un clown psychopathe et … Read more

« L’immensità », « Les Cadors », « Les Cyclades »… Les sorties cinéma du 11 janvier

L’immensità ** D’Emanuele Crialese, avec Penélope Cruz et Luana Giuliani. 1h37. À Rome dans les années 1970, Clara, femme au foyer soumise à un mari autoritaire qu’elle n’aime plus, élève ses trois enfants en leur transmettant le goût de la liberté dont elle est dépourvue. Elle couve particulièrement son aînée, qui affirme être un garçon … Read more

This film speaks of the “real ordeal” of the “miscarriage” that the cinema shows little on the screen

Magali Bragard/Treasure Films Magali Bragard/Treasure Films Rose Pou Pellicer as Dune in Eric Lartigau’s “That Summer” CINEMA – Eight years after the global success of The Aries familyÉric Lartigau returns to the family drama. The French director 58 years old (give me your hand, The man who wanted to live his life) signs the moving … Read more