The BBC confirms its new team of presenters after cutting 14 presenters as part of the reshuffle.

BBC News and BBC World News will be relaunched later this year with a more digitally-focused all-news service. Part of this rebranding involves cutting a total of 70 jobs, including 14 presenters, leaving just five dedicated presenters, which is expected to save the BBC over £1million. Here is the confirmed new lineup from the BBC … Read more

Actor Iwan Rheon confirms what we suspected about his character in Game of Thrones

During the eight seasons of Game of Thrones, a long list of interesting characters were introduced with varying degrees of acceptance by fans of the series. Of this group there is one of them that has become the most hated by the fans of the program and the actor Iwan Rheon has it very clear. … Read more

The Flash’s Ending Confirms That A Shocking Villain Is The One Who Beats Him | Pretty Reel

Residence Comic News The Flash’s Ending Confirms A Shocking Villain Is The One Who Beats Him The Flash defeated a huge amount of villains in his crime against time, but one villain absolutely no one got the better of him. The Flash is the fastest man alive in the DC Universe and, predictably, that means … Read more

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirms the huge decision he imposed!

Behind his smile, his always impeccable style and his charisma, Dwayne Johnson rarely compromises with his convictions. Very recently, the actor thus confirmed that he had fought tooth and nail to impose a big decision in the world of cinema. With success, as often with him! Far from the professional wrestling career that made him … Read more

Netflix: rapper Cardi B confirms her arrival in You season 4!

It’s not a rumor anymore! Rapper Cardi B has just confirmed her presence in season 4 of the series You, broadcast on Netflix! Good news ! Season 4 of the You series is coming to Netflix very soon. And for the first time, rapper Cardi B will be there! MCE TV tells you everything from … Read more