Berlin: the most controversial character of La casa di Carta

Death is not always the end of a character’s life and this with The Paper House we learned it well. To teach us, in particular, was Berlin who, despite his departure, has returned to inhabit the memories of the other characters for quite some time. But why has this character had such an impact on … Read more

The controversial reaction of Susana González after being ignored by questions addressed only to Gabriel Soto

The controversial reaction of Susana González after being ignored by questions addressed only to Gabriel Soto (Photo: Instagram/@gabrielsoto) my way is to love you started transmissions but also controversial. The new telenovela from the renowned producer Nicandro Diazfor Univision Televisahad a recent presentation to the media, showing its outstanding cast of protagonists and antagonists who … Read more

15 Of The Most Controversial And Disturbing Movies In Cinema History [Imágenes explícitas]

Although the horrors of reality always surpass the horrors of fiction, the truth is that there are a handful of movies that have made history for being especially perverse and disturbing. Masterpieces by great directors like Larry Clark, stanley kubrick, lars vontrier either michael haneke who have dived into the darkest and most twisted side … Read more

Katy Perry “cancelled” for controversial reference to murderer Jeffrey Dahmer in one of her greatest hits

A few days have passed since the premiere of the new Netflix series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storywhich is carried out by Evan Peters and that has provoked a great fury both for the performance of the performer and the harsh story, However, now Katy Perry, who premiered one of her iconic songs 8 years … Read more

#MulherBacanaLê: 5 books with controversial characters to read now! | Books

We humans are full of complexities. Mistakes and successes that show that in the end not everyone is good or bad. But in a Manichean world, there is no happy medium between the two poles. There is no getting around it: either you have light or you have shadows, and your choices and attitudes throughout … Read more

La historia de ‘El conejito marrón’, la controversial película recordada por su escena de sexo oral explícita y no fingida

Una película puede garantizarse una butaca en la eternidad por muchos motivos: actuaciones, innovación, tema, taquilla. Algunas son recordadas por sus dones: El Ciudadano, Psicosis, El Padrino; otras por ser discursivamente aberrantes, pero cinematográficamente geniales: El nacimiento de una nación; un grupo directamente por su infamia: The Room, The Brown Bunny. A diferencia de The … Read more

Republicans “don’t belong in New York; go to Florida” with Trump: controversial statements by Governor Hochul on her first year in office

Hochul took office on August 24, 2021 as Governor of NY. Photo: Flickr Kathy Hochul / NY Governor / NY Governor Office Although it claims to promote tolerance and diversity, Kathy Hochul has just starred in a non-democratic controversy just after completing her first year as governor of New York, position to which she arrived … Read more