In February on Prime Video: Nicolas Duvauchelle and Christoph Waltz in series, cult sagas in spades…

January has just ended and Prime Video is already continuing with a myriad of exclusives. The Consultant, Back to the Future, BDE… New nuggets or cult sagas: February is likely to satisfy all their subscribers! THE UNAVOIDABLE Black Hearts, Season 1 – Friday, February 3 After Miskina, Totems and Mixte, a new French production is … Read more

Prime Video: a cult film by Patrick Swayze will have its remake with Jake Gyllenhaal

Cult film from the early 90s, the muscular “Road House” begins filming this summer, for a release on Prime Video. Jake Gyllenhaal takes over the role of bar bouncer, under the direction of the director of “La Mémoire dans la peau”. “One: never underestimate your opponent, plan for the unexpected. Two: we bump into each … Read more

American Psycho: the cult film with Christian Bale becomes a board game

American Psycho turns 20: curiosity and review of the cult with Christian Bale It was released in American cinemas on April 14, 2000 American Psycho, the cult horror film directed by Mary Harron, who co-wrote the screenplay with Guinevere Turner. Based on Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel of the same name, “American Psycho” stars Christian … Read more

Watch ‘The Patient’ so you don’t get discovered as a firm candidate for a cult series

Getting ahead of the phenomenon is important for a viewer profile: the one who prefers to recommend rather than be recommended, to discover series before they are discovered and to join the cult of that fiction that possibly does not have the exposure or popularity that it deserves as soon as possible. And, whoever is … Read more

This cult series which revealed many actors is available in full and for free

From english series the most famous of recent years figure Misfits. The teen series features five young delinquents sentenced to community service. While they are on their first day, not without provoking their supervisor, a violent storm breaks out. They are then all struck by lightning and later discover that they have superpowers. But, they … Read more

Boris 4: the protagonists of the most loved cult series of all time arrive at the Rome Film Festival

The almost complete cast and Francesco Pannofino in connection from Prato, with the screenwriters and producer Lorenzo Mieli, illuminated the last day of the Rome Film Festival by presenting the first two episodes of the fourth season of Boris, on Disney + from 26 October . Finally the wait, accompanied by a bit of inevitable … Read more

one of the first slashers, a cult reference film (on Blu

Artistic note: (3.5/5) Synopsis Alice Spages, 12, lives with her mother and her sister Karen, whom she loves to scare. Karen is about to celebrate her first communion when her body is found horribly mutilated in the church. Some think that Alice could be behind the murder, but how could such a young child commit … Read more