Wilko Johnson, death of the most punk of guitar heroes

With Dr. Feelgood, in the mid-1970s, he asserted his sharp style and disturbing class. Diagnosed with terminal cancer ten years ago, the irreducible Wilko will have continued to fight while playing. He passed away on Monday at the age of 75. Nine year probation. When Wilko Johnson, founding and legendary guitarist of Dr. Feelgood, announced … Read more

How the “Copiapó psychopath” acted, the bus driver of death who could receive three life sentences

Hugo Pasten Espinoza. Multiple disappearances, rapes and deaths make up the long history of Hugo Pastén Espinozabetter known as the “Copiapó psychopath”, one of the most ferocious defendants in recent police history in Chile and that today he risks three life sentences for the accusations against him. The long criminal career of this subject began … Read more

Review of The Angel of Death, a film about the chilling “serial killer” Charlie Cullen, on Netflix

Within The angel of Death (The Good Nurse) there is a failed horror story. Not all of them are populated by fantastic creatures such as vampires, witches or ghosts, but the most efficient stories to raise our heart rate and take us to the limit are usually based on real factsin people capable of carrying … Read more

Traumatic video shows beaten schoolboy, 15, shaking before being tortured to death by his evil mother and partner


TRAUMATIC footage shows a beaten schoolboy trembling before being tortured to death by his evil mother and partner. Sebastian Kalinowski, 15, suffered months of horrific abuse at the hands of his mother and her psychopathic partner until his death on August 13 last year. Sebastian Kalinowski, 15, died at the hands of his mother and … Read more

abstruse. Pushed to the limit, a young man of barely 18 had stabbed his father to death


1er November 2019, it is past 5:30 p.m. when Valentin Demarque dials 17. “ I killed my father“. His still youthful face – he has been 18 for a week – is covered in bloodstains. Three firefighters from Somain arrive first on the spot. They were called for “wounded at home”. Valentin has a wound … Read more

House of the Dragon (OCS): this character whose fans are calling for death!


After the broadcast of the ninth episode of House of the Dragon on OCS, the fans are unanimous: they demand the death of this character before the end of the first season! But why so much hate? The continuation under this advertisement George RR Martin will he again win the wrath of fans of Game … Read more

“I’m scared to death”: The chilling reactions left by the new chapter of “The Least Thought Day”


If there is a program that knows how to sow terror and mystery, it is “The less thought day”, or at least that is what viewers have shown in Twitter. The chapter calledThe Round of the Children” left more than one fan of TVN with the creeps because it is based on real events. It … Read more

Death of singer Nafia Chaffa in Bobigny: at trial the two accused blame each other


By Antoine Blanchet Published on 14 Oct 22 at 18:33 News Seine-Saint-Denis See my news Follow this media Two men are on trial in Bobigny court this Friday, October 14, 2022 for the death of singer Nadia Chaffa in 2017. (©OK / news Seine-Saint-Denis) One is an artist, the other a marginal. One lived under … Read more

USA: Jury Rejects Death Penalty for Nikolas Cruz, Author of 2018 Parkland Massacre


A Florida jury team has recommended life in prison without the possibility of parole for Nikolas Cruz, the shooter in the 2018 Parkland massacre, after pleading guilty to murdering 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. ). Cruz avoided the death penalty that had been requested by the prosecution, a surprising decision for the … Read more