How to detect a psychopath? 5 things you didn’t know about this mental disorder

In Killing Eve, the hit TV show on the BBCVillanelle, a psycho assassin, tells Eve, a security agent: “You should never call a psycho a psycho. They dislike that.” Then, she purses her lips, imitating a disgruntled person. Most people think they know what a psychopath looks like: someone with no feelings. Someone who, as … Read more

How to detect fake profile photos on the networks?

In the era of deepfake, suspicious-looking accounts with often nauseating comments abound on Twitter. Trolls who often do not hide behind the image of an avatar. Well, not really. Dare ugly, beautiful, big bushy or big necks (everyone has their own references). So many ordinarily banal faces parade under the indifference of our thumb which … Read more

Keys to detect a psychopath: it is one of the most seductive and attractive personalities, but one of the most dangerous

Psychology It is a way of working. You don’t choose to be like that, you are born and have no correction. What to do if you fell in love with a psychopath? (By Eva Rodriguez) The first thing we are going to clarify to address this issue is what is a psychopath? It is a … Read more

What is the “dark triad” of personality and how to detect it?

Photo credit: Warner Bros. You may have never heard of the “dark triad”, a psychological concept used to characterize some people with a personality based on three aspects to which less desirable. Even lately there is talk of a fourth feature that is usually also attached to them. But even if, as we said, you … Read more

Quirky science: we can detect a psychopath thanks to the movements of his head

American researchers have developed an algorithm capable of detecting psychopathic traits through the position of individuals’ heads during interrogations. A method that corroborates other studies on the indices of non-verbal behavior associated with deviant personalities. How do you recognize a psychopath? The posture of his head during an interrogation, according to American researchers from the … Read more

Psychopathy is more frequent than it seems: How to detect a psychopath?

It happens all the time (at least in the movies). A horrible murder occurs and the killer’s neighbors are surprised because he was a normal person and “always said hi”. It is currently estimated that the number of psychopaths could be in the range between 1% and 3% of the total world population. It is … Read more