They denounced Fabián Tablado, the femicide of the 113 stab wounds, for gender violence: “A psychopath is not cured, he is born and dies a psychopath”

“A psychopath is not cured, he is born and dies a psychopath.” The forceful sentence is from Edgardo Aló, father of Carolina, the teenager stabbed to death 113 times in 1996 by Fabián Tablado. He said it after the new complaint of gender-based violence against the murderer of his daughter was known this Monday. It … Read more

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin | Who dies in the season one finale?

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin just finished his First season, which culminated in the expected revelation of the identity of the great villain of the plot and an electrifying outcome that affected the protagonists. Created by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Riverdale) and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, the new production of hbo max … Read more

Film director Wolfgang Petersen dies at 81: five essential films to remember him

The German filmmaker died at his Brentwood home of pancreatic cancer. Behind him he leaves an entire film career full of great films From ‘Troy’ to ‘The Neverending Story’, many of his films are classics of cinema The great creators ensure that their name and their work never disappear. That is the case of the … Read more

Anne Heche, the popular actress of the 90s who was marginalized in Hollywood for being a lesbian, dies


Anne Heche was torn between life and death since last August 5 she suffered a very serious traffic accident in Los Angeles. The 53-year-old American actress lost control of the car she was driving and ended up crashing it into a house in the residential neighborhood of Mar Vista, causing a spectacular fire. She has … Read more

Tony Sirico, Paulie on ‘The Sopranos,’ dies at 79


Actor Tony Sirico, known for his role as Peter Paul Gualtieri, most popular as Pauly, in the series The Sopranos, He died this Friday at the age of 79, as reported by his brother and his representative of the interpreter in two publications on social networks. “With great sadness, but with great pride, love and … Read more

James Caan, the Sonny Corleone of ‘The Godfather,’ dies


James Caan, one of the great Hollywood actors of the 70s, 80s and 90s, who is remembered for his portrayal of Sonny Corleone, the eldest son of Vito Corleone in The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972). But Caan’s career went far beyond that unforgettable character. The actor appeared in more than 60 films and was … Read more

Stranger Things, Jason dies in the fourth season?


Stranger Things, Jason dies? Jason dies in Stranger Things 4? Let’s find out together. ATTENTION: the following is the full explanation on the possibility of Jason dying in Stranger Things 4 therefore it includes some spoiler on the developments of the fourth season. If you prefer not to spoil the surprise, we suggest you do … Read more