Damien Chazelle, an obsessed with transcendence who seeks in ‘Babylon’ the eternal Hollywood

Had all items to appear multiple times in the Oscars 2023 nominees list: a luxury cast, a narration around the history of cinema, a powerful staging and a lot of spectacle. Nevertheless, ‘Babylon’, by Damien Chazelle, released in Spain at the height of the awards season, has become the most notable absence among the Academy … Read more

Theater. The hunter and the good Nazi, the commitment of eternal memory

For those who have not yet managed to approach the room the Shed in Mario Bravo 909, CABA; There are only two functions left on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. to see “The Hunter and the Good Nazi”. An interesting play performed by Jean Pierre Noher and Ernesto Claudio written by Mario Diament directed by Daniel … Read more

Miguel Jones, an eternal promise in red and white

That day a match was announced: a university team against Deusto, a team in which Yanko Daucik, son of Ferdinand Daucik, Athletic coach at the time, played. Michael Jones I was studying Economics at the University of Deusto –His father, Don Wilwardo Jones, a native of Equatorial Guinea, had settled with his family in Bilbao … Read more

They kill two women and eat their bodies in a macabre black magic ritual of wealth and eternal youth

An entire country is in shock at the discovery of the horrors of a double human sacrifice by a married couple and a holy man Posted on: 14-10-2022 15:04 WEB EDITOR He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized companies and … Read more