Eyssartier case: for the family there was “a clear act of injustice”

December 31 marked the tenth anniversary of the death of Horacio Martín Eyssartier. The boy was 33 years old and his relatives found him lying on the floor in the room where he lived. Six years later the Justice sued the doctor Francisco Marin, who provided him with psychoanalytic treatment and also prescribed a cocktail … Read more

The disturbing case of a boy who had psychopathic tendencies and terrified his entire family

Eric’s unpredictable personality was always a concern to his family and those who knew him. Sometimes he could show impulsive and very aggressive behaviors in front of others. Besides, she had trouble handling his anger. “He did not tolerate anyone trying to correct him, he was very defensive all the time and anything could make … Read more

Is it born or made? Boy with psychopathic tendencies tormented his family all his childhood

Through social networks, a terrifying case was revealed in which a child was born with a psychopathic tendency, since many of his attitudes terrified his family, especially his sister, who always thought that he needed professional help. Belinda Christopher revealed in Discovery Investigation that, “I am convinced that Eric, his brother, was born a psychopath, … Read more

Michelle Jenner joins the big family of ‘La casa de papel’

The fashion in current television fictions is dominated by the prequels. we have seen it with the house of the dragon that precedes in time Game of Thrones, and with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, that starts thousands of years before the well-known trilogy. The most iconic series of Spanish fiction … Read more

Alfredo Adame linked Laura Bozzo to Gustavo Adolfo Infante and he exploded: “He is a psychopath without a family”

The driver responded to Adame’s remarks about Bozzo (Photo: Instagram/@gaifante/@alfredo_adame/@laurabozzo_of) The endless fight between Gustavo Adolfo Infante Y Alfredo Adame has a new chapter and this time a third famous has been included in the viral fight. The former actor of Televisa assured that Laura Bozzo “already infected” the presenter of the sun risesafter the … Read more

Yellowstone: 10 memes that perfectly sum up the Dutton family | Pretty Reel

The dysfunctional Dutton family has been the most interesting part of Yellowstone since season one, and it’s only going to get better in the coming season. Jamie turned out to be the bad apple of the fourth season, but his match against Beth is sure to be the show’s biggest fan attraction. While the external … Read more

Wednesday: Who is Jenna Ortega, the lead actress of the Netflix series The Addams Family?

news culture Wednesday: Who is Jenna Ortega, the lead actress of the Netflix series The Addams Family? Published on 11/24/2022 at 5:50 p.m. Star of the new Tim Burton series, Jenna Ortega embodies the young Wednesday Addams in Wednesday on Netflix. And this is not the first appearance of the young actress in front of … Read more

What is Wednesday, the Netflix series adapted from The Addams Family produced by Tim Burton worth?

We were waiting for it, this new series adapted from the universe of The Addams Family, the first to center on the girl of the tribe, Wednesday. Who better to represent the torments of adolescence than a child against the norm? Mercredi was “emo” before it was cool, she’s a “freak” who feasts on her … Read more