Sangolquí: The husband of the woman murdered in a van is being investigated for femicide

Cristian Navarrete thought he was going to make fun of the investigating agents, but his own testimony and the evidence they found revealed the reality. The subject remains in pretrial detention and is being investigated as the alleged mastermind of his wife’s crime, Paola Ortega. On the night of Monday, January 2, in sangolquisoutheast of … Read more

To jail the cruel femicide who sent the photographs of the murder to relatives of his victim

While the authorities of the District in Bogotá warn that there is a frontal fight against gender violence and that “women are not alone”, three years ago Yamile Ester Brito, faced, alone, her femicide. In 2019, she ended a relationship that sentenced her to death. Her murderer, Darío Aguirre Castañeda, carried out her threat and … Read more

We want justice and maximum punishment!: relatives protest Claudia’s femicide

Written in METROPOLIS the 12/10/2022 2:10 p.m. “She went to work to pay for school and give insurance to her mother because she was sick,” this was revealed by relatives of Claudia Torres Mendezwho was murdered on November 30 just two blocks from her home. This Saturday the second hearing was held against Israel N.18 … Read more

The verdict for Norberto Rodríguez, the femicide of San Justo, will be known

The verdict of the trial that follows a man for the femicide of his partner, murdered last year with “facazos” and with shots from a “tumbera” shotgun in the Buenos Aires town of San Justo, will be known this Monday in the courts of La Matanza, while the victim’s son affirmed that the defendant is … Read more

They carried out a mobilization 25 years after the first triple femicide of Cipolletti

Relatives, feminist organizations and friends of the three young women murdered in the Rio Negro city of Cipolletti held a rally this afternoon and later mobilization on the 25th anniversary of the triple femicide, where they insisted that the crime “did not have a single person responsible” and pointed out that the “research was done … Read more

The verdict will be known for Norberto Rodríguez, the femicide of San Justo

The experts who worked at the crime scene indicated that the murderer also tried to dismember the victim’s body to possibly move or hide it more easily. / Photo: Twitter. The verdict of the trial that follows a man for the femicide of his partner, murdered last year by “facazos” and with shots from a … Read more

25 years after the triple femicide of Cipolletti, the family of the victims believes that there are unpunished perpetrators

In the case, Carlos Kielmasz is being held as a “necessary participant” in the crime of “kidnapping followed by death” ( 162). Next Saturday, November 12, a mobilization will take place in the town of Cipolletti with the aim of remembering and maintaining the demand for justice for a tragic episode that marked the city: … Read more

Femicide as a teenager would have a pattern of psychopathic behavior

The Brazilian Leandro Alves da Costa (33), suspected of being the author of the femicide of a 15-year-old teenager, last Thursday in Ciudad del Este, would have a pattern of psychopathic behavior. As it turned out, he had already tried to kill two other women, in very similar circumstances. November 07, 2022 – 15:02 The … Read more