“The spirits of the island”, the most awarded at the Golden Globes

By: Sandra Milena Ríos, creator of CineVistaBlog.com What if suddenly your best friend cuts off the friendship sharply and without any explanation? Would he be willing to fight for her, valuing her importance, or would he accept it without any kind of resentment, respecting the other’s decision? In Martin McDognah’s new comedy (that of the … Read more

Golden Globes 2023: in which streaming to watch the winning movies and series?

On the night of January 10, the Golden Globesan event that recognizes the best movie theaters and televisionalso to the most outstanding series and to the actors who participate in them and have attracted attention with their performance. If you have not yet seen the winning productions and want to do so soon, you will … Read more

The Golden Globes suit almost everyone in their cast of television awards

In the list of nominees for the 2021 Golden Globes there was a name that surprised above all: Emily in Paris. The Netflix comedy, which had not exactly stood out for its praise among critics, slipped into the list of best series of the year and the list of best actresses. What seemed like one … Read more

Golden Globes 2023: Spielberg, Austin Butler and Cate Blanchett surprise in the return of the awards

Nobody knew what could happen. After the controversies unleashed in the last edition (which caused the gala not to be broadcast by NBC), it was not very clear what the celebration of the Golden Globes 2023 would be like. Jerrod Carmichael as a presenter and an apparent facelift, it looked like things were going to … Read more

The winning series of the Golden Globes and where to see them

The Hollywood industry canceled the Golden Globes after complaints about the lack of diversity among the voters of the Hollywood foreign press association, which are the ones that deliver the awards, and due to voting irregularities, with serious suspicions that said Voters allowed themselves to be seduced by the big studios. But, after a 2022 … Read more

Golden Globes: movies and series that are on HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV and other platforms

This Tuesday, January 10, the Golden Globes 2023 (Golden Globes), an event that recognizes the best productions of the cinema and televisiondirectors and also the actors for their work, since in many cases they must completely transform their appearance to look like the character. In the case of feature films, some have not yet been … Read more

Golden Globes 2023: know the nominees for best miniseries and where to see them

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer (played by Evan Peters) ended the lives of 17 innocent victims. (Netflix) The selection of the nominees for the best miniseries of the next edition of the Golden Globe 2023 They are, for the most part, productions with a touch of reality. The award ceremony, organized by the Hollywood … Read more