Tv programs Tonight Monday 31 October 2022: Live guide film and schedule

Tonight on Rai 1 at 21.25 Survivors “Hope” Sylvie is ready to forgiveLuca (Lino Guanciale, 43) as long as betweenthere are no more secrets. Luca swears itto his wife, but unfortunately the facts put himhard test: someone starts to threaten isurvivors, trying to run for coverwithout attracting attention. Follows «Victims». Tonight on Rai Due at … Read more

Licorice Pizza: cast and characters guide

Licorice Pizza is the new masterpiece of Paul Thomas Anderson, in theaters March 17, 2022, and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay and Direction for Paul Thomas Anderson. Author of as many successful films as Magnolia, The oilman, The Master, The hidden thread and others, Paul Thomas Anderson with … Read more

Too Bad: Guide to the cast and characters of the animated film

Too bada DreamWorks film directed by Pierre Perifelis the film adaptation of the graphic novel series, with the same title, written by the Australian author Aaron Blabey. With a screenplay by Hilary Winston And Etan Cohen, the film suffered numerous delays due to the Coronavirus emergency, being distributed in 2022, and in Italy starting March … Read more

House of the Dragon: the complete guide to all the characters, actors and houses of the series

House of the Dragon debuted by signing the new record for the largest number of viewers for the first episode of a debut series, in anticipation of the next episodes we have decided to provide you with a quick and practical guide to the cast of the Game of Thrones prequel. Inspired by George RR … Read more

The Man from Toronto: a guide to the cast and characters of the Netflix movie

Here are all the characters and actors who play them in the cast of the Netflix action comedy The Man From Toronto. The Man From Torontoaction comedy directed by Patrick Hughes on Netflix, despite a not entirely positive reception from the critics, it was seen by numerous users of the streaming platform obtaining excellent ratings. … Read more

Halloween Ends Cast & Character Guide

In the fall of 1978, John Charpentier launched a film franchise that would become a cult classic in the slasher genre. Forty years later, Blumhouse Productions has revived Carpenter’s legacy and given us the last Halloween series. In between, several remakes, reprisals, prequels, and sequels have come and gone, from various filmmakers, but the latest … Read more