Charles Cyphers Back as Sheriff Leigh Brackett in Halloween Kills, Hospital Location Revealed

A photo from the location of filming shows the actor in costume with his name tag and all, while another set leaks paint a bigger picture. By Chris MorseOctober 9, 2019, 7:35 PM EDT Halloween and Halloween II Actor Charles Cyphers appears to back for one or both of the … Read more

The Halloween headman is a “dangerous psychopath”

The family of CRM, the 56-year-old man who was beheaded by a friend of his -MJMB, nicknamed ‘The Mexican’- on Halloween 2020, is “destroyed” by “the senseless crime of a psychopath” with “his mental faculties and evolutionary structures fully structured and conserved”. This has been indicated in statements to journalists at the doors of the … Read more

Halloween The Final Night: The Story Behind Killer Michael Meyers

After the premiere of ‘Halloween ends’, many wonder who was the psychopath Michael Meyers in real life? By: Natalia Espitia Salazar Halloween is almost here and it becomes inevitable to think of the famous movie by the murderer Michael Meyers, who by the way is back this 2022 with ‘Halloween: the final night’. This is … Read more

“Halloween”: the true story of Michael Myers, the psychopath who inspired the tape

michael myers it’s back. One of the most terrifying serial killers in cinema returns to star in the popular saga that made him known in 1978. Called “Halloween Ends”, this third installment written and directed by David Gordon Green, close the modern trilogy which started in 2018 with Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) declaring war … Read more

Halloween 2022: 5 French horror films to shiver on D

Who says Halloween says an evening dedicated to horror films. And contrary to what one might think, French cinema has largely acquired its letters of nobility in the genre. Here is a selection of five local feature films to chill your blood this October 31st. Beware of sensitive souls. Torture-porn: “Martyrs”, by Pascal Laugier (2008) … Read more

Halloween Ends: Story Trailer Revelations Jamie Lee Curtis | style

On October 12, 2022, Jamie Lee Curtis (63) left his double (hand and foot) footprints in front of the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (Psycho) is in theaters with Halloween Ends13th installment in the series… Getty photo Jamie Lee Curtis calls herself “the white-haired queen of fear … Read more

Halloween, in arrivo la notte più paurosa. Storia, miti e tradizioni

ROMA Si avvicina la notte più paurosa dell’anno: tremate, Halloween è alle porte! La festa che celebra mostri, streghe e fantasmi sta infatti arrivando. Lunedì 31 ottobre orde di bambini vestiti e truccati da fantasmi, streghe, vampiri, zombie, gatti neri o scheletri invaderanno strade, vicoli e palazzi al grido di ‘dolcetto o scherzetto?’. Halloween ha … Read more

Halloween, the feast of the dead drove the living mad

“The anti-rain dance worked! Halloween to scratch!” The mayor of Ourense celebrated yesterday on his social networks. That’s right. His “festival of the dead”, that Halloween for which the investment has multiplied, with more than twenty shows in just a few hours, and more than 300 actors recreating scenes of terror in the street, dissipated … Read more

The Next Step For The ‘Halloween’ Franchise Should Be A TV Series

The past few decades have been ruled by a few franchises in the horror genre. There have been countless movies with increasingly silly and convoluted sequels to legends of movie characters such as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates and Chucky. Same evil Dead and The Exorcist are coming back to theaters soon. … Read more

Steelbook edition for Halloween

Including a special book and a collector’s card depicting the original poster Halloween – The night of the witches revives in a steelbook edition. Limited edition published by Plaion for its Midnight Classics necklace and that, available in the store FanFactoryfully does justice to the masterpiece of John Carpenter. Masterpiece that, dated 1978, immediately transformed … Read more