Movie Monsters #4. Ghostface, the killer with the codes

In 1978, a UFO landed in theaters: Halloween, the night of the masks. The success is immense and planetary. John Carpenter revolutionizes horror cinema and invents a genre: the slasher movie. The theme of the masked psychopathic killer who guts teenagers with knives was born. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger fill the dark rooms. … Read more

A serial killer version of Gabriel from Emily in Paris showed in Paris

photo: gettyimages It seemed impossible to see Lucas Bravo’s big blue eyes in a less jaggy version. But so be it. In fact, the languid look is there even now that, having removed Gabriel’s (nice) chef role in Emily in Paris, wore those of a serial killer. It happened for the fashion show Louis Gabriel … Read more

Dennis Rader BTK, the serial killer who deceived the FBI for seventeen years: “He is a narcissistic psychopath”

On the surface Dennis Rader was a normal man with a normal job and a normal family. He thus presented himself to society. However, behind a common face and kind gesture, a serial killer was hiding, capable of tying up, torturing and killing ten people in seventeen years. For almost twenty years his face and … Read more

The true story of Charles Sobhraj, the serial killer of “The Serpent”

Charles Sobhraj was born on April 6, 1944 in former Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City, in former French Indochina. Photo: CulturaOcio It’s already on Netflix ‘The snake’, new miniseries in which Tahar Rahim (‘A prophet’, ‘The Mauritanian’) gets into the skin of charles sobhraja con man and thief, who ended up becoming … Read more

The story of “Pedrinho Matador”: from serial killer to YouTube star

Justice for many, psychopath for others. He is ‘Pedrinho Matador’ to the world / (Sao Paulo Police) Life always tends to take unexpected turns that we never expected. But the case of the Brazilian Pedro Rodrigues Filho It is worthy, perhaps, of a horror movie or at least of redemption. It depends on how you … Read more

Alias ​​’Pescadito’ fell, considered the youngest serial killer in the country: he was part of Los Camilo II

Police in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office achieved the dismantling of the Los Camilo II criminal organization in Bogotáin facts that allowed the capture of 21 criminalsaccused of crimes such as homicide, conspiracy to commit a crime, trafficking, manufacturing or possession of drugs, carrying or possession of firearms and kidnapping . However, one of the … Read more

«The Serpent», the serial killer who hated hippies. He used to kill his young victims after drugging them (and now he’s back on the loose)

Of Alfio Sciacca back free in France Charles Sobhraj, 78, the criminal accused of dozens of murders that took place in the seventies which inspired the Netflix television series It seems he was moved by a deep hatred for hippies who he considered only the sons of privileged dads in search of strong emotions, while … Read more

Inside serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s twisted mind and how he tricked prisoners into murdering him because he ‘wanted to die’

PSYCHOPATHIC serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer “made fun” of his fellow inmates because he “wanted to die”, claimed a prominent interviewer who sat down with the notorious killer. Nancy Glass, a six-time Emmy-winning producer and writer, interviewed Dahmer in 1993 for CNN’s Inside Edition, a year before he was killed behind bars at the hands of … Read more

“I’m fine”: serial killer Charles Sobhraj, aka The Serpent, is back in France!

Released from prison in Nepal, Charles Sobhraj arrived in France this Saturday, December 24. The serial killer nicknamed The Serpent must undergo heart surgery. The Serpent is a free man. Convicted of the murders of two North American tourists and suspected of having killed twenty people in the 1970s in Asia, Charles Sobhraj was imprisoned … Read more