Last: «My outburst at Sanremo 2019 for the missed victory? Neither proud nor repentant, but I’ve changed”

Of Andrea Laffranchi The singer returns to the Festival: «In Sanremo you win in many ways, but the important thing for me is to get this song to as many people as possible» Ultimo is seated at a piano. His hands touch the keys. «The piano has always been my instrument. I still study. Now … Read more

The Best Movies of 2022 streaming on NOW: 5 titles not to be missed

Here are five films from 2022 that you should catch up on if you missed them, and that are worth watching again during the Holidays, available on Sky and streaming on NOW. The end-of-year holiday period has always been synonymous with big cinema seen together by the whole family, both in the hall, where you … Read more