The spirits of the island arrive at the cinema. The movie review

Martin McDonagh’s surreal comedy-drama, which pays homage to Beckett’s theater of the absurd and Irish folklore, is out in cinemas today. Winner of 3 Golden Globe (Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay) and nominated for 9 Academy Awards Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on news from around the world Green Ireland is colored … Read more

Movie Monsters #4. Ghostface, the killer with the codes

In 1978, a UFO landed in theaters: Halloween, the night of the masks. The success is immense and planetary. John Carpenter revolutionizes horror cinema and invents a genre: the slasher movie. The theme of the masked psychopathic killer who guts teenagers with knives was born. Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger fill the dark rooms. … Read more

The Big 4: Netflix Movie Review

THE BIG 4 Release date : 12/15/2022 Dissemination platform: netflix Original title : The Big Four Film length: 2:21 a.m. Director: Timo Tjahjanto Screenwriter: Timo Tjahjanto Performers: Abimana Aryasatya, Putri Marino, Lutesha, Arie Kriting, Kristo Immanuel, Marthino Lio, Michelle Tahalea CRITICISM For those interested in Indonesian cinema, the release of The Big 4a mixture of … Read more

8 Underrated Movie And TV Show Performances That Deserve More Recognition | Pretty Reel

Sometimes actors don’t get the credit they deserve for their work. Reasons for a poor performance can range from problems on set, to poor writing, poorer directing, or simply not being a good fit for the role. This demonstrates that having the skills and a positive attitude at work does not guarantee success. As movie … Read more

Rosario Dawson joins Gina Rodriguez in upcoming movie Someone Great

Rosario Dawson has officially joined the cast of the upcoming Netflix romantic comedy Someone Great. Produced by and starring Gina Rodriguez, the film will serve as the directorial debut of Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, creator of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious. The 33-year-old Jane the Virgin star was photographed on set Wednesday with the 38-year-old 25th Hour actress. Welcome aboard: Rosario Dawson … Read more

Mandy Reinvigorates 1970s Legacy In Psychedelic Horror Movie

mandy (2018) is a difficult film to pin down: part revenge flick and part visual art, it’s a film that has continued to defy attempts at categorization. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, it has built a cult following since its release, and started what this author has affectionately called the Cageissance, for the … Read more

Deadly Ties | movie Rai 2 | final explanation | texture | cast • IMTV

Deadly bonds (also known by the title More dense than water) is the film proposed tonight – Saturday 9 July 2022 – in the prime time of Rai 2. It is a film by thriller genre, directed by Caroline Labrèche and starring Andrea Roth, Eric Osborne, Tygh Runyan and Katie Douglas in the lead roles. … Read more