You People: review what have we done to God on Netflix

Hell is paved with good intentions If Kenya Barris and its various creations remain mostly confidential in our vast French regions, its Black-ish and other spin-offs are small national phenomena in the land of Uncle Sam. Counting former President Barack Obama among its most inveterate aficionados, the first sitcom raised the humoristic-gritty portrait of contemporary … Read more

Hundreds of people say goodbye to the murdered sacristan in southern Spain

The coffin of the sacristan Diego Valencia is carried on the shoulders after the funeral officiated in the church of Nuestra Señora de La Palma, on January 27, 2023 in the Andalusian town of Algeciras, in southern Spain. afp_tickers This content was published on January 27, 2023 – 13:32 27 January 2023 – 13:32 (AFP) … Read more

Couple: this type of people, called gélotophiles, are the least happy, according to this study

What is the key to the success of a happy couple ? A study sought to identify the factors that affect the durability of a couple. Thus, the latter noted that a happy relationship must integrate teasing and benevolent teasing between the two partners. This behavior should especially occur with people who are comfortable with … Read more

Oakland University Says People Who Get Along With Their Ex Are Psychopaths

Getting along with your ex? A psychopathic personality trait. No, it is not maturity, a reason for pride and rationality. How many times have we heard “The past is past”, “You cannot erase what did you so much good” either “There are no reproaches or we end badly, we are friends”? Well Oakland University has … Read more

People were horrified by the trailer, but the first episode of ‘Scandal: Story of an Obsession’ has hooked and fascinated viewers

The Telecinco series has been widely criticized for pedophilia and pedophilia, even the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers requested its cancellation before the premiere. mediaset The most controversial Spanish series of recent years has already been released. Scandal: story of an obsession generated a wave of criticism on social media after posting its first trailer. … Read more


SULMONA – “There would be a million things to say about the all-Italian disaster and which concerns the world of prisons in general and Sulmona in particular if we refer to the penitentiaries of L’Aquila. However, I will limit myself to listing those which, if dealt with properly, would at least float a boat that … Read more

Éric Darbré, director: “I fear that in twenty years, the Uyghur culture and people will have completely disappeared”

The journalist, whose powerful documentary “Ouighurs: mechanics of an announced genocide” is to be seen in preview on Télé, has been fighting for more than twenty years to denounce the ethnic cleansing of this people, with a Muslim majority, by the Chinese government. Maintenance. At the end of September, the Office of the High Commissioner … Read more

Editorial incendiary of Jorge Rial against the media that called Lio Messi “vulgar”: “Bad milk that cannot see people celebrate”

Just like Rodrigo de Paul and Fideo Di Maria, Jorge Rial was in “inferior condition” when Argentina faced the Netherlands for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. He was not injured, but suffering the consequences of the reinforcement of the anticovid vaccine: he had a fever, pressure, decay, discomfort, cold dogs. However, the … Read more

Psychopathic traits in common between prison inmates and people on the loose, according to Oxford

For many years it has been understood that individuals who have a psychopathic personality are potential murderers, do not experience emotions or even enjoy the suffering of others. However, nothing is further from the truth. In the case of psychopathy, in particular, one could speak of a set of personality traits not necessarily present in … Read more