Why a red kitten has become the most feared chess player in the world

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mittens is an evil genius who on Chess.com launches cruel replies to all the users he beats, his style of play is wearing like that of the Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) The chess world has a great new enemy, a ruthless robot in … Read more

Máximo Thomsen: the psychological profile of the rugby player who broke down in tears and testified at the trial

There are multiple witnesses who saw him hit Fernando Báez Sosa “viciously” at the exit of the Le Brique bowling alley, and even one of them said that he was doing it “with intent to kill”. Each and every one of them pointed at the figure of Máximo Thomse, making him one of the most … Read more

The psychological profile of Máximo Thomsen, the rugby player who is surrounded by tests

He is seen kicking Fernando Báez Sosa (18). He is seen walking away from his victim with his dark shirt open. He sees him running off to change his clothes. Before, he was seen leaving the Villa Gesell bowling alley between two patovicas who found it difficult to control him. Multiple witnesses saw him hit … Read more

“The murderer is a pervert who even organized the wake,” says the brother of the former rugby player from Pilar

Almost a year after the crime of Marcelo Longhi, a former rugby player who lived in Pilar and was president of the Vicente López Municipal Club (VILO), murdered on January 13, 2022 in Luján, His brother assured that the main suspect is a “psychopath” and that his entire family was “destroyed” by the fact, for … Read more

“They ruined my life,” said the brother of former rugby player Marcelo Longhi, murdered a year ago

“Everything he did afterwards was terrible,” he told Télam Fabián Longhi, referring to the defendant Pablo Achard (44), whom he described as “psychopath”, “perverse” and “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, since he “organized the wake” of his brother and “he hugged everyone” while “crying inconsolably”. “In the family we are all destroyed. They killed me … Read more

They ruined my life, said the brother of former rugby player Marcelo Longhi, murdered a year ago

(By Ian Werbin).- One year after the crime of Marcelo Longhi, the former rugby player and president of the Vicente López Municipal Club (VILO) assassinated on January 13, 2021 in the city of Luján, his brother assured that the main suspect, that he was a partner of the victim, he is a “psychopath” and that … Read more

The sovereign group in the EU discharges the Putinian de Graaff. The move of the Northern League player Zanni

Identity and Democracy has initiated the expulsion procedure for the Dutch MEP who is a member of the Forum for Democracy. His statements in favor of the Kremlin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine were creating unnecessary embarrassment Marco ZanniMEP of the League and president of the Identity and Democracy group, has decided: the Dutch … Read more

Ready player Schwarzenegger (y 2)

Portada original (ja) del videojuego Navy Moves. (Viene de la primera parte) Arnold Schwarzenegger no solo fue el molde cinematográfico para el cine acción de los ochenta y noventa. También ejerció de puente de unión entre las macarradas de la gran pantalla y las aventuras pixeladas en los pequeños televisores de salón. Porque en el … Read more

NBA – Psychopath, the player to whom Kobe Bryant has never spoken in 12 years!

Facing Kobe Bryant has always been a huge challenge for defenders and the prospect of duels with the Black Mamba even made more than one player lose sleep. One of his rivals tells a story implausible regarding his relationship with the (now deceased) number 24who like a psychopath, has never spoken to him in 12 … Read more