10 Most Popular ’90s Slasher Movies, According To Letterboxd

The slasher film genre peaked in 1978 and became popular around the 1980s after the release of classic horror movies like Friday 13 and freddie. Although considered the golden age of the genre, the 1990s produced some of the best slasher films as well as additional films in franchises such as Child’s play and Halloween. … Read more

In the Netherlands, Esther Ouwehand and her very popular Party for the Animals

Frank Wassenberg, Esther Ouwehand and Christine Teunissen (from left to right) celebrate the results of the PvdD (Party of Animals) in the municipal elections, in The Hague, on March 17, 2022. BART MAAT / AFP BENELUX LETTER A party for the animals, what a funny idea. In 2006, when two elected members of the Partij … Read more

List of the 10 most popular movies on Twitter to watch tonight

These are the movies that all the tweeters are talking about. (Infobae / Jovani Pérez) Twitter has become one of the platforms most used by Internet users in recent years for various reasons such as the ease of creating communities, for posting of messages in real time and because through the site the most talked … Read more

The five most popular, cheap and easy costumes for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, the costume search, especially online, has exploded in recent days and not only in the United States, where this party originates, but in countries around the world, including Spain. Some people take it very seriously and invest a lot of money to wear the best costume of the night, … Read more

La Nación / Peña bailó al ritmo de Bizarrap y Quevedo en la popular red juvenil Twitch

El precandidato a la Presidencia de la República, Santiago Peña, participó de una entrevista en vivo con Franco Da Rosa a través de su canal en la plataforma Twitch. Durante el encuentro, Santi mostró su faceta de gamer o jugador de videojuegos, su fanatismo por las populares figuritas del álbum del mundial e incluso bailó … Read more

Anne Heche, the popular actress of the 90s who was marginalized in Hollywood for being a lesbian, dies

Anne Heche was torn between life and death since last August 5 she suffered a very serious traffic accident in Los Angeles. The 53-year-old American actress lost control of the car she was driving and ended up crashing it into a house in the residential neighborhood of Mar Vista, causing a spectacular fire. She has … Read more

Magaly Medina destroys Melissa Paredes for talking about her son: “Don’t compare yourself, you don’t come to my heels” [VIDEO] | The popular

Direct and without half measures, Magaly Medina screwed up Melissa Paredes for naming her son GianMarco, and the way I raised him. In her ATV program, the “Magpie” clarified that she did not ask for anyone’s help to get ahead on her own without anyone’s help. Whoops! YOU CAN SEE: Jessica Newton laughs at the … Read more