Máximo Thomsen: the psychological profile of the rugby player who broke down in tears and testified at the trial

There are multiple witnesses who saw him hit Fernando Báez Sosa “viciously” at the exit of the Le Brique bowling alley, and even one of them said that he was doing it “with intent to kill”. Each and every one of them pointed at the figure of Máximo Thomse, making him one of the most … Read more

The psychological profile of Máximo Thomsen, the most compromised

“It is a serious narcissistic disorder, where what prevails is the discharge of aggressive impulses, not reflection,” explains the expert psychologist Alejandro Farji. “It is a group that shows a certain superiority over the law”, understands the psychologist Irene Sirianni. An approximation to the head of a clan that “moved” with a “feeling of impunity”. … Read more

The psychological profile of Máximo Thomsen, the rugby player who is surrounded by tests

He is seen kicking Fernando Báez Sosa (18). He is seen walking away from his victim with his dark shirt open. He sees him running off to change his clothes. Before, he was seen leaving the Villa Gesell bowling alley between two patovicas who found it difficult to control him. Multiple witnesses saw him hit … Read more

Social anxiety: what is the patient profile?

THE ESSENTIAL Social phobia affects between 2 and 4% of the population This disorder usually begins in adolescence. Unstable and introverted characters are particularly affected Social anxiety, also called “social phobia” is a disorder that is characterized by anxiety occurring during situations involving social interactions. It would affect 2 to 4% … Read more

Skinner of Mons: what is the profile of this assassin who dismembered his victims?

On Saturday, March 22, 1997 in the morning, the police officer Olivier Motte, head of the equestrian brigade of Mons, in Belgium, patrols on his horse in the south of the city. The policeman surveys the rue Emile Vandervelde, where it borders the Paris-Brussels railway line. His attention is attracted by a big red cat … Read more

How to detect fake profile photos on the networks?

In the era of deepfake, suspicious-looking accounts with often nauseating comments abound on Twitter. Trolls who often do not hide behind the image of an avatar. Well, not really. Dare ugly, beautiful, big bushy or big necks (everyone has their own references). So many ordinarily banal faces parade under the indifference of our thumb which … Read more

The “educated psychopath”: the first criminal profile in Spain

Joaquín Ferràndiz, during the trial for the murder of five women, in 1999.EFE “This was the first psycho I ever faced. And the worst, because this one does not warn. The danger of him is the kindness of him and the education of him. I don’t think there is anyone worse than him in Spain”. … Read more

This is the criminal profile of alias ‘JR’, according to the SNAI

Junior Roldán, alias ‘JR’, does not present psychopathological alterations, despite the murder sentences against him, says the report of the Service for Attention to Persons Deprived of Liberty. Junior Roldan, aka ‘JR’, He has been recognized by the authorities as one of the two leaders of the criminal gang Los Choneros, a position he assumed … Read more

‘Psychopath and narcissist’, the profile that points to Pachelo as the perpetrator of the crime

Photo: Gustavo Amarelle. Three psychological and psychiatric tests concluded that Nicolás Pachelo, the main defendant in the third trial taking place for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce, has a “psychopathic and narcissistic” personality that matches that of the author of a crime like the one that happened in 2002 in the country Carmel … Read more